Let’s Discuss! New Year’s Resolutions

Hi there!

It’s time for my very first Let’s Discuss post! As it’s the New Year, I wanted to spend this post writing about my bookish, blog-ish and personal resolutions for 2016.


  • Read 100 books this year! This will be a first for me, I just hope I can achieve it
  • Discover and enjoy new genres & authors
  • Control my book-buying habits
  • Use my TBR jar more
  • Update Goodreads more than I have been!
  • Keep a reading journal

Blogging & social media

  • Improve my writing and reviewing skills
  • Write good quality chat posts!
  • Be able to meet more people through the blog & social media
  • Improve on my stats and followers
  • Post good quality, creative photos
  • Make pretty graphics for post titles


  • At the moment…I’d just like to be happy. I’ve recently faced some very hard decisions and it’s upset me a lot. So I’d like to learn and become a stronger person by the end of the year.

Thanks for reading!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

Email: thebooksareeverywhere@hotmail.com
Instagram: @thebooksareeverywhere
Twitter: @tbaeblog
Tumblr: The Books Are Everywhere
Google+: Beth Jones

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