Let’s Discuss! Books In Unexpected Places

Hi everyone! Today’s Let’s Discuss post is about finding books in unexpected (really random) places.

I have chosen 5 different locations that I have (and so could you) found books. And they’re not exactly bookshops or library….



This has got to be the most suprising one for me – the bank? Granted, this one was a little hidden and the charity notice was out-of-date, but nonetheless, BOOKS. IN THE BANK.

2. Hosptials!


(Apologies for the blurry photo (same above) – I hate taking them in public!)
My mum pointed this shelf out, and as I’m in hospital every couple of months recently. And when you’re a bookworm like me, it’s hard not to have a quick peek!

3. Phone boxes…

phone box.jpg

Old, classic, read phone boxes are a staple to England…and this is one near me! Not many of these are actually working now, but libraries are a great way to make use of them.

4. Cafes & shops

(Not my photo)
This idea might not be quite as crazy as the rest, but charity book boxes do pop up in unexpected places. I know at least a couple of books I’ve read have come from these great little places!

5. Little free libraries

green design, eco design, sustainable design, mobile library, pop up library, DIY library, Little Free Library, literacy

(Not my photo)
These delightful little things can actually appear anywhere. At the side of the road, outside a house, in the middle of a forest (well, that’s a little less likely but you know what I mean). They’re cute and a great idea.


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽



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