Let’s Discuss! The 5th Wave Movie

Pre-post warning: SPOILER ALERT! But don’t worry! I’ll warn you when I’m about to reveal all.

Welcome to the second post of today!

In this Let’s Discuss! I’m going to be talking about the movie adaption of The 5th Wave, which I saw yesterday.


Good. It didn’t make me go “wow”, but it didn’t make me sigh either. It was very well done, but also a little boring. Maybe it’s just me, as I only read the book a couple of weeks ago, I felt like I was re-reading it. And that made me realise why sometimes it is nice to vary a little from initial plot.

Was it like the book?

I think this is one of the first questions we, as bookworms, ask. And here, my answer is yes, definitely.

Most of the big things from the book were included in the movie, there was only a few little niggles – which is impressive for me!

How was the action?

Pretty good but somewhat unrealistic. I don’t think the ground really cracks in the book…


How was the romance?

I actually felt really sorry for Ben Parish. I found the romance between him & Cassie less one-way in the movie, and when Evan snogs Cassie in front of him…well, that must have been awkward.

I also found it slightly overpowering in the movie…maybe it’s just because they had so much to fit in in under 2 hours, but it wasn’t such a big part of the book.


And for the big question…book or movie?

Now, there’s only two movies that I’ve preferred to the book (Naomi & Ely’s No Kiss List and Mockingjay Part 2)…so this one’s a pretty easy question for me.

Book. Of course.

The main reason being I truly believe this is a book that needs space. It needs the 400+ pages that the novel provides, and it just doesn’t seem right being confined to 112 minutes.


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽







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