The Book Love Tag

As it’s Saturday, and I have been tagged for something, it’s time for a tag!

Thank you to The Book Crunch for asking me to take part in this one – I’m nearly a week late but let’s continue on and ignore that.

1.Your favourite book couple

There are so many…I have to say Finch and Violet though – I love them so much.

2. Your Top 3 Book Boyfriends

Beau – The Love That Split The World

Jack – Night Owls/The Anatomical Shape of The Heart

Levi – Fangirl

3. Imagine your favourite book couple. Who would propose, and how? (If there’s already been a proposal: who would be more into organising the wedding?)

At the edge of a (certain) lake…at dusk. With ribbons fluttering in the trees beyond, relfecting on the calm water. (Finch & Violet, All The Bright Places)

4. Unpopular opinions time! Name a popular pairing you can’t stand.

I don’t know. I don’t remember overly shipping Charlie & Sam from The Perks of Being a Wallflower…but I didn’t dislike them. I just didn’t know enough about Sam to totally love them.

5. Favourite and least favourite romantic trope?

Favourite…ohh I don’t know. Probably so cheesy it would make me cry, sorry guys. I’m all for cheese.

Seriously though, maybe a little mysterious…unpredictable perhaps?

Least favourite…when a relationship is built on sex. That’s a complete no-no for me.

6. Do you ship non-canon couples often? Name some if you do.

I totally do! I ship everyone on the freaking globe, haha. When I was reading Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda I shipped him with everyone before finding out who Blue really was.

7. Your opinion on love triangles. Go!

They add another interesting layer to the story, which is always good!

8. Favourite & least favourite love triangle.

I really like Stefan, Damon & Elena. And least favourite…I may have to choose Katniss, Gale & Peeta and join Emma on that one. At first I did like Gale…but I always felt there was something not quite right with him.

9. Sometimes romance just isn’t the way to go. Favourite friendship? (Spoiler here)

Parker & Jason from Not If I See You First. Definitely better as friends. If they ever get on…

10. Favourite scene with your bookish OTP?

I love Finch & Violet in the closet. Haha.

11. Imagine your favourite book couple again.Who’s most excited about Valentines Day (either ironically or genuinely)?

Oh…with Finch & Violet? Finch, I think. He’s just so sweet.

Who I’m tagging:

For a change I’m just going to say YOU because I’m late posting this as it is…so I don’t think many people will continue doing this so late after Valentine’s Day. So whoever wants to, go ahead!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽






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