Book Tag: The Inside Out Book Tag

inside out book tag

Another tag – last one for today! I was tagged to do this one by Emma from The Book Crunch, thank you Emma!

A book that brings you joy

Ah, there are so many! Let’s go for…Anna and The French Kiss (and the other books in the trilogy!).

A book that brings you sadness

First Love by James Patterson and Emily Raymond. I CRIED SO MUCH!

A book that brings you fear

The 5th Wave…please let that never happen to the world.

A book that brings you anger

The Madison K trilogy. Well, more the bad grammar than the books themselves but…those mistakes *shudders*

A book that brings you disgust

How To Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran. Why does one girl need that much sex?

I’m tagging:

A Novel Blog
Brown Books & Green Tea
Bookishness and Tea
Long Story Short


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽






4 thoughts on “Book Tag: The Inside Out Book Tag

  1. Thanks for the tag! I LOVED Inside Out, even though I was a little late on the train. I’m providing my answers here, since I won’t have the time to make it into a full post. Hope that’s okay!

    Fear: Hunger Games, because that world that those books exist in? I want no parts of it. At all.
    Joy: HARRY POTTER EVERYTHING! Those books, and even the associated fandom, make me so happy.
    Sadness: The Fault in Our Stars left me SO SAD. I never want to be that sad again– ever.
    Disgust: Allegiant- I HATED the way that book ended. So much disgust in my heart!
    Anger: Just Mercy- This book, about the death penalty, makes me mad when I think about people that were unjustly incarcerated. My feelings on capital punishment change as I get more information, but those cases were intolerable.

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