Let’s Discuss! My Trip to Paris: Anna and The…

Hi, readers! Before I start I would just like to say a massive thank you for over 2000 collective views on this blog. It means so much to me that not only are my views, visitors and likes doubling month-by-month, but also that every day I am connecting with more and more bookworms all over the world. You are the thing that keeps this blog going, so thank you, guys!

Anyway, today’s (belated) post is about my trip to Paris. I was lucky enough to visit a couple of weeks ago and I took a lot of photos of the popular book Anna and The French Kiss around the landmarks! So today is basically to share all of those and talk a little about my trip.

This was actually meant to have been posted last week…but I completely forgot, with the distraction of all the International Women’s Day posts, haha.

That’s rambling over for now, on with the pictures!


Anna and The…Champs-Elysees


Anna and The…Eiffel Tower (and me from the Arc De Triumph)!


Anna and The…Point Zero de Routes de Paris


Anna and The…locks. I really wanted to do one for Anna and St Clair!


Anna and The…Louvre.


Anna and The…Champs Elysees (from the Arc De Triumph).


Anna and The…Eiffel Tower again!


Anna and The…(a) metro sign. These have to be one of my favourite things about Paris…they’re so simple but beautiful!

Other than all that…the city was absolutely beautiful! Our hotel was okay and so was breakfast, but walking around in the day was the best. The architecutre and river are so pretty! Overall, I think the biggest surprise was actually McDonalds – it was amazing! The McDonalds over here are pretty average and are only just getting renovated to be more automated. But over in Paris (ON THE CHAMPS ELYSEES!!) all ordering is completely automated and not just that – the staff speak fluent French AND English and there’s also a patissere and a salad bar!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽






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