BookTag: The Playlist Shuffle

Hi! Emma from The Book Crunch tagged me to do this – thank you dear.

I’m so happy that I’ve been asked to do a music tag as I’m a massive music fan in general and I find these things so fun!

Here are the rules:

  • Put on your music (either on your phone, computer, etc.)
  • Press shuffle
  • List the first fifteen songs that play

This isn’t for my entire music collection, it’s just the playlist I listen to most often (that’s not my All Time Low playlist, haha).

  1. Neopolitan Dreams | Lisa Mitchell
  2. Satellite | All Time Low
  3. Opportunity | Pete Murray
  4. Life On Mars? | David Bowie
  5. Echo | Jason Walker
  6. Same Love | Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert
  7. Dear Maria, Count Me In | All Time Low
  8. Ink | Coldplay
  9. Good Dancers | The Sleepy Jackson
  10. Boats & Birds | Gregory and The Hawk
  11. How You Remind Me | Nickelback
  12. How To Save a Life | The Fray
  13. Time-Bomb | All Time Low
  14. Fade | James Arthur
  15. Guarded | Kevin Daniel

I’m actually surprised there wasn’t more ATL in there, actually…


Very well put, thank you Alex.


Anyway…I tag:



May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽





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