Let’s Discuss! Why I love Bookstagram

Hi! Today I’m here to talk about why I’m addicted to Bookstagram.

If you don’t know what Bookstagram is, it’s basically the bookish community on Instagram. And if you don’t know what Instagram is, you’ve obviously been living under a rock for the past 6 years.


Let’s start with a few basic facts about my account & bookstagram in general

  • I’ve been on bookstagram for around 10 months
  • I try to keep to a whiteish theme but that’s changing!
  • It’s entirely possible to get pretty photos with a phone – and as long as you have the books and the phone, entirely free, too! In fact, that’s what I’ve been doing – until yesterday
  • Bookstagram is a great way to meet new people with similar interests to you
  • It’s where I find most of my new reads!
  • If you’re interested, my account is @booksareverywhere

That’s basically what I’m going to be talking a little about today. I’d love to do more about this subject (i.e. How to take good photo guides, etc), but for now this is just a general chat!

So…what do you need to join bookstagram? Not a lot really. A phone and some books may help. And although good quality camera are great and will ensure you have really pretty photos, you totally don’t need it! Smartphone cameras are improving all the time…along with editing software. Which brings us onto…

Do I need to edit my photos? No. You easily can, and a lot of people do, if only to give their bookstagram a theme/colour. But other than changing the brightness and cropping, I’ve never edited any of my photos!

A few tips for bookstagram?

  • Don’t be scared – we don’t bite! The best thing you can do is comment, talk to people! In the end, we’re all there for the same reason, and therefore we’re likely to have something in common.
  • Join in! Similar to the above, join in with everything. A lot of accounts now have monthly bookstagram challenges, which give you a theme for every day! It’s a great way to find motivation and ideas.
  • Don’t steal photos without permission. I’ve seen it happen before – even with accidental credit being given to the wrong person – and it really does get out of hand. In the end, we’re like one big family…and we all know how much work each of us puts into our accounts. Therefore, we really stick up for each other when it comes to photos being stolen. Guys, it really hurts. Give credit, think about it, stop it. Or you’ll have all of us to answer to! (And trust me, us bookstagrammers can get feisty!)

I hope you all enjoyed this random (but hopefully informative) post! Feel free to comment with your thoughts or bookstagram account name.


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽






4 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! Why I love Bookstagram

  1. I love Bookstagram! A lot of people have really beautiful bookish photos.

    I started my own Bookstagram almost two months ago (@PageChronicles), but I’m nowhere near as good as some people are at taking book photos. I try to take photos of books I have and book hauls, but I don’t stick to a theme, so my feed can look messy. Nonetheless, I love taking and posting photos. On top of that, the Bookstagram community is extremely welcoming and friendly. It’s a really great way to become more integrated in the book community!

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