BookTag: Book Sacrifice

I haven’t been tagged for anything this week…but oh well! That won’t stop me!

I’m not going to tag anyone either, but if you think you’d find this interesting to do, I TAG YOU, DO IT!


Situation: You’re in a store when the zombie apocalypse hits. The military informs everyone that over-hyped books are the zombies only weakness. What book that everyone else says is amazing but you disliked so you start chucking it at the zombies?


I wouldn’t say I disliked this book. In fact, I really liked it until it became so hyped. The thing is, I love original books. And this one just…wasn’t. Yeah, it made me cry. Yeah, it made me feel close to the writing. Yeah, the writing was amazing. But I’ve read better, I’ve read more unique, and I’ve read other books that deserve just as much hype as this one (You Were Here, anyone?).


Situation: torrential downpour. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?


This book (for me, anyway) managed to be confusing and boring at the same time. I gave up at this one – but I am hoping to retry the series some time soon.


Situation: You’re in English class and your professor raves about a Classic that “transcends time”. If given the opportunity to travel back in time, which Classic would you try to stop from ever publishing?


Okay yeah I know – this book isn’t a classic. Yet. But I have a bad feeling it will be one day (no pun intended), and I just don’t feel like it deserves that status. Sorry, guys!


Situation: apparently global warming = suddenly frozen wasteland. Your only hope of survival for warmth is to burn a book. Which book will you not regret lighting?


No. I do not want to know how big his (ahem) penis was. And I do not want you to have a threesome, thank you and goodbye.

I’ll be back next Tuesday with another booktag, whether I’ve been asked to do it or not!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽






4 thoughts on “BookTag: Book Sacrifice

  1. Ahh I agree with you so much about TFIOS- I actually read it after the hype. Everyone told me that it would make me cry, but even though I am a total cry baby I just… didn’t. It was so underwhelming. I didn’t connect with it at all and I agree it was totally unoriginal :/

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  2. Haha awesome post don’t need to be tagged to do a tag post.I should start doing that and participating on booktags that appeal to me.

    Now The Fault in Our Stars…I mean how dare you!lol just kidding but I can see how it being overhyped could people off.loved the book though 🙂

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