Let’s Discuss! What makes a great cover?

Hi guys!

Today we’re going to discuss some key points that make beautiful covers so, well, beautiful!

1.A nice photo

Books always look great if the background photo is pretty and done well – especially covers with people on them!

2. A cute illustration

And if you don’t have a photo? Well, it’s always great to have a lovely illustration to make the cover personal and unique.

3. A pretty font

Books just don’t look appealing with titles written in Microsoft Word fonts. There is always ways to find great fonts for even homemade covers, just take a look on DaFont.com!

4. A lovely tagline

Taglines can be a little tacky and cheesy – but done right, they can really add to a cover and tempt a buyer.

5. Make it unique!

I personally think the best way to make a book eye-catching is by creating a really unique cover, especially if it shows a little insight to the pages inside!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽






8 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! What makes a great cover?

  1. Great post! Beautiful covers are so important to me, haha. There’s nothing better than seeing an aesthetically pleasing cover that checks all the boxes. I definitely agree with all the points you bought up! The worst thing is when publishers change an already perfect cover, I don’t get it!

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