Let’s Discuss! I Haven’t Read Harry Potter

Hi guys!

Today’s post is going to be a quick chat about a very popular series I’ve never actually read.

I can almost hear the shock through the screen…hang on, a book blogger who hasn’t read one of the most popular fantasy series ever? Yes, guys, yes.

I’ve just never got round to it. As a kid I read Jacqueline Wilson and Jacqueline Wilson alone, with the exception of a few random library books…but I was never tempted towards Harry Potter.

I think this was purely due to the fact I was never interested in fantasy. I always went towards contemporary purely because that’s what I was used to, and frankly I was scared to branch out to different to different genres.

The second reason is because I’ve only ever read 3 series and they’re all trilogies…for a long time I’ve been very daunted to start a series longer than that.

But now, after reading a variety of genres in YA and adult novels, I’m ready. I’ve read 4 of the 15 part Morganville series and found out that if you love the characters enough, having more books is the best thing rather than the worst.

And fantasy isn’t so bad, after all.

Have you been daunted by a series like I am with Harry Potter?

I’ll hopefully finally be starting this series in June or July and reviewing them ASAP!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽







12 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! I Haven’t Read Harry Potter

  1. Ooh, I’m looking forward to this! I only got around to reading the first HP last year and so I’m basically in the same boat. One day I’ll read the others and hopefully do a review series without the childhood nostalgia that most people have… I wonder if that will take all the magic out of it??


  2. Omg I’m so glad you’re ready to read them. I’m always jealous of people reading them for the first time because I wish I could go through the experience all over again! I grew up with them and they changed my life. I hope you enjoy!

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  3. I am basically in the same boat as you! only read the first HP book earlier this year, but I am planning on collecting the series so I can read them all 🙂

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      1. Nope definitely not! I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would. So looking forward to getting into the next one

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  4. Hope you enjoyed them. I read them as a child/teenager, but ran out of steam for the last two or three (I read the end of 7 first because I didn’t want to spend four hours reading for a rubbish ending (I don’t necessarily include the epilogue as the ending)) – it’s only been rereading them recently that I’ve actually appreciated the entire series.


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