Let’s Discuss! How To Read More

I know you probably just read that and thought ‘but how am I meant to read more? I can’t improve my speed! It’s impossible!’ but there kind of is a way. You see, I’ve found with reading that there are a lot of ways you can get reading time in, and it doesn’t always mean changing your day-to-day schedule!

Read first thing in the morning and last thing at night

This might sound random, but it actually helps. There are usually times when I’m messing around on my phone at these times, when I could be reading!

Read in the car

If you don’t get car sick, I find this a really useful time to read (unless you’re driving, of course!). Weirdly, I have to sit in the front of a car to not feel sick when I’m reading, and only then am I okay!

Read in a queue


This might be an unexpected place to read, but at theme parks and conventions you can always find me reading! I think it’s a great place to go on adventures when you’re stuck in one place!

One last tip, carry a book everywhere!


This actually really helps! I went on a cruise a couple of months ago, and I ended up reading whenever I could, because I had a book with me! Before shows, before dinner, after dinner, whenever I was waiting…everywhere really. And honestly, I managed to get a lot more done in a day than I normally would!

Where do you read? And how does it allow you to get more reading down?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽








6 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! How To Read More

  1. I bring a book everywhere and that helps most of the time. I also have to switch off my laptop and put away my phone because otherwise I get distracted way too easily

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