Let’s Discuss! Reading a Series

Hi all!

So, today I’m going to discuss a very specific point – whether you can read books (or even entire series) while/between reading books in another series.

To put it bluntly, I used to hate doing this. I would when I needed to, but I’d much prefer to own all of the books in a series before I dived in. As you can all imagine, this means I often hit a certain problem – I would have to wait until every book in the series was released, before I read them all.

As I’ve been reading more this year, I’m sure you’re all relieved to hear this no longer applies…I have many unfinished series lying around and I’m more than happy to leave them be while I read other tempting books!

But I do still love the satisfaction of finishing a complete series.

How do you feel about this issue? Does it bother you?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽









11 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! Reading a Series

  1. Hey Beth, I try not to but I often wait until the full series is released. Because of that, I still haven’t read a lot of great series. Therefore I’m trying to change this (bad?) habit.
    BTW a great topic for discussion!!

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  2. I read books in between series all the time, but I know what you mean about wanting to have all of them! I sometimes put a series down if I need a break and go to a different genre but other series I race through. Depends on how much of a cliffhanger it gets left on I suppose haha! 😉

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  3. I understand the dilemma, but the only series I’ve read are the Harry Potter books, Lord Of The Rings, The Hunger Games, Twilight the Narnia books, A Series Of Unfortunate Events & the Famous Five books. Thankfully for me, all of these series were finalised and published by the time I got round to reading the first book – I think the only slight exception being the Harry Potters (maybe?)>

    I do like to read each book one after the other, so I suppose I would prefer to wait until they were all out, before starting! 🙂


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  4. This question is the bane of my reading life, lol! I’m sooo bad at reading series all the way through. I usually end up reading book 1 and then never finishing the rest because I get distracted by other books, regardless if its because the whole series is our or not. I really need to start reading series all the way through.


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