Myshelf & I: Personal Updates

Hi everyone! Welcome to a post I haven’t done for a while – a personal update from me!

I figured as things have changed a lot in my personal life recently, you guys should know what’s been going on and whether this will change anything on the blog.

Let’s start with the real life stuff…

So, I’ll dive right in and say the biggest thing that’s happened…I’ve started college! This was a massive change for me, and for reasons I won’t bore you with, harder than it is for most people. Not only has this been a great step for myself and my confidence, it’s also definitely made me a happier person. Both my tutors and classmates are amazing! We’re already a close-knit class, and I have some great friends who I know will be a massive part of my life over the next two years. But no doubt soon the stress will hit, and I’ll be getting more work! At the moment this won’t change anything, but in the future it might mean I miss a day before an assignment, etc. However, I’ll let you know if I’m going through a busy time! My current college days are Wednesday, Thursday morning and Friday.

Secondly, I’ve started volunteering at my local library part time. It’s something I’ve actually been doing over the summer anyway, but my role has kind of changed now, meaning I’ll be there more regularly but for less time! Luckily, the library is right next to my college, so I’m there whenever I have long breaks or half days.

What else…well there is one thing! My amazing parents bought me a car!! I feel kind of mixed about this – guilty, excited and petrified! I turn 17 next month, and as soon as I do I’ll be learning to drive (English stuff, people).

Aside from that, there’s a few random things. I’m going to see You Me At Six in early October, Peirce the Veil in November, a Miss Peregrine’s party this Friday and seeing the movie the Monday after! Other than that, you’ll find out other things through my social media! I need to start tweeting more personal stuff when I remember 😉

Bookish stuff…

If I’m honest, I’m really behind with my reading. With everything that’s been going on recently, I just haven’t had the time or energy! But I’m hoping that with a little push, my passion will come back and I’ll fit in more reading before the end of the year! Right now I’m 14 books behind my 100 books in 2016 schedule, but that’s okay. I think I can do it!

Social media wise, stuff has been really mixed! My Instagram has been at a bit of a stand still for months now, with my followers and likes being a little stagnant. My Twitter is very, very slowly improving…but where to start with my Tumblr?! To put it simply, my Tumblr follower count has exploded. I’ve recently hit 1000 followers with some photos getting over 100 and even 300 notes! All I can say is I hope I can keep all you new people happy with my photos! 😉

I take my weeks photos every weekend now if I can, as my friend helps me choose the best ones I take! My Instagram is updated twice a day (and usually more often for Stories), my Twitter and Tumblr have two pictures a day and a link to every post and YouTube video I make! You can follow my twitter here, Tumblr here and Instagram here.

So I think that’s all! Thanks for reading (sorry for such a long post!), I’ll see you guys tomorrow with a bookish quote and Tuesday with a review of my current read – Twilight! I know, I know…I finally got around to them!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽


















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