Let’s Discuss! 5 Books To Help You Escape

Hey there bookworms! So…I haven’t been around for a while. In fact, I took the longest break I think I ever have taken from this blog. Thank you if you’ve stuck around through my random hiatus.

But even though it was random, I had good reason to. Although I don’t want to go into it (personal sh*t and all), this week has been one of the most heart-breaking, emotional and all around hardest times of my life. I’ve had a lot of shock, tears and generally being very hurt and upset, but as they say the ‘show must go on’, and so must mine. So even when it feels like it’s still a very tough thing to pull back those red curtains and dance, that is what I’m going to try and do for my sake and mental health.

(Not sure if that was the best analogy, but oh well!)

Okay so moving on…a fitting post not just for me but for the world right now. Naturally, I know a lot of sh*t has been going on worldwide with Trump and lots of other things, and we probably all need to escape sometimes. So in today’s post, we’re going to be talking about 5 books to help us escape the modern world!


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Seed is one of the most amazing fantasy contemporaries that I’ve read – and it distracted me completely from life for a couple of days!


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Another example of fantasy/paranormal/horror with a hint of contemporary. I love this book!


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And along to sci-fi now! I don’t read much sci-fi usually but I absolutely adored this book. It’s incredible and a must read for any YA fans looking for something unique!


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Some people may be surprised at the last two books – how can you escape with contemporary? Well, this book is purely for the road trip! It’s one of my favourite YA contemporaries of all time and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves road trip books or a good romance.


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I was completely absorbed in this series. I cried at the end of Isla as I simply didn’t want to escape the magical world Stephanie Perkins created!

Thanks for reading (and again putting up with my hiatus!).

Which books help you escape?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! 5 Books To Help You Escape

  1. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been doing well! 😦 I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*
    Honestly, I haven’t been all that great, either. I think it’s just a regular January/February thing for me… (Not to mention all the other crap going on right now.)
    Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂


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