A Postcard From: Book Signings

Hi everyone! So while I’ve been busy all week and writing really short posts (sorry!), I have been saving up something really special to tell you all about! It’s been a while since my last postcard, so we’re well overdue for another one.

So my special news is….I got to hang out with a couple of authors last weekend!!!

Image result for arrested development gif

Through the amazing book club I attend once a month, I was asked to not only read an ARC copy of the lovely Unconventional (review here), I was also invited to meet her!

Oh, and wait for it. Along with the wonderful Maggie Harcourt, I also got to meet Lauren James and Miranda Dickinson! I’m not kidding.

So I am lucky enough to say I walked into my local bookstore last weekend and got to sit at a VIP table with Miranda Dickinson opposite me, Maggie Harcourt two seats down and Lauren James just along the table.

Not only that, but I was sat next to the host and interviewer Chelly Toy – a blogger over at Tales Of Yesterday! We spent an amazing 45 minutes discussing books, cats, signings and Elvis.

We then headed up to the talk and spent about an hour listening to Chelly ask Lauren, Miranda and Maggie some great questions! It was great to hear about their lives as authors and experiences they’ve had.

After the talk, I managed to get to the front of the queue pretty quick! I unfortunately didn’t have any of Miranda’s books, and I haven’t yet read The Next Together – so I was mainly there for Maggie.

However, both Miranda and Lauren were lovely and Lauren made sure to sign my unread copy of The Next Together! In fact, when we took the above photo, Lauren noticed my Arrested Development phone case and preceded to write loads of quotes from the show on the title page of my book! She (and Maggie and Miranda) was so lovely.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back tomorrow to share a very special book I bought this week!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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