Let’s Discuss! Scriptwriting & YA

You may be confused reading that title – what does scriptwriting have to do with YA?

Well, a lot actually. Think about the script for Paper Towns compared to the script for The Hunger Games.

Before we start, let’s talk a bit about what a script actually is. It’s not just the dialogue, but everything the characters do and the situation around them. The script is a story in itself. Which is why some movies end up very different to the original books!

So, back to those titles I mentioned above – and a very interesting fact about them.

John Green had no say as a scriptwriter in Paper Towns. But Suzanne Collins is one of the main scriptwriters in The Hunger Games movies.

I have to say, I’d definitely say I preferred The Hunger Games…because they stuck to the books and made it good. For both readers and new fans.

However, the scriptwriters for Paper Towns completely changed the ending of the movie – and at the time, being a massive fan of the book, I hated it!

Overall, my view is definitely the movie tends to be better if the author takes part in the scriptwriting – simply because they are the best people to truly show how they want the story to play out.

What do you think – is it better with or without the author as a scriptwriter?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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