Random: Reasons Why I Disappeared

Well, doesn’t that sound like a good name for a book? Anyway, today I’m here to explain why I didn’t post over the weekend and talk about what I was up to!


I travelled into Birmingham on the train 3 times over the weekend, and the first time was on Saturday. I headed in in the afternoon to do some shopping and pick up a present for my lovely friend Amy. I then juggled my bags and two chocolate milkshakes back to the station to meet Amy.

After a lot of travelling (for Amy), it was a relief to get on the train home. An hour later, we were hanging out in the garden with my guinea pig. It’s been a couple of months since Amy and I saw each other last, so it was lovely to run down the platform to see each other again 🙂

What a heckin’ fluff. Good pig. 15/10.

We headed out for dinner with my family, followed by chocolate ice cream and maybe 2 hours of playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s just what happens when two Nintendo fans come together!


The next day, it was time for real life exploration. I took Amy to a local forest I’ve been visiting since I was little. We had a long, slightly painful walk with inappropriate footwear, but at least we got some good photos 😛

Back at home, we had another Zelda themed evening. We were joined by my brother for some funny videos, Zelda streams and silly Buzzfeed quizzes.


Monday was another day for exploring! In the morning, we headed into my local city to do a bit of shopping and take some photos. Amy ended up buying me a few gifts in return for the present I got her in Birmingham, even after me protesting 😉 She bought me some new eyeliner, nail polish and my first eyeshadow palette! Amy also bought a eyeshadow palette and we grabbed some lunch before heading to the game stores! She persuaded me to buy the same game as her – a Professor Layton DS game I’ve wanted for quite a while!

In another game store, Amy gently encouraged me to buy one of her favourite games – Xenoblade Chronicles! Here’s a few pictures I took while we were out:

We went home for a couple of hours to rest, before travelling back to Birmingham to see one of our favourite bands – You Me At Six! Before we headed to the venue, we grabbed some dinner, which happened to be sushi and banana chocolate pocky!

My favourite type of sushi is duck or chicken – hence the fishy one being Amy’s! When we finished, we ended up wandering around shops instead of queuing 😛 It meant we didn’t get such a great view at the concert, but instead we stayed in a comfortable area at the back where we could sit down and move around!


We just about got the last train home without missing any songs, and even though it was tiring, it was an amazing evening! I’ve seen You Me At Six a couple of times now, and they were as good as ever.


Tuesday was the saddest day for Amy and I – as she had to head home and face the long journey once more! I caught the train back to Birmingham with her so she didn’t have the entire journey alone, and it was sad to leave her on the platform once more.

Overall though, it was great to see her and spend a weekend together! I can’t wait to have more times like that together 🙂

Picture credit – Amy ♥


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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