Let’s Discuss! Hardcover vs Paperback

A year ago almost to the day, I wrote an interesting post that gained a lot of attention and comments. That post was a bookish debate: hardback vs paperback, and it even sparked a special post with your comments!

Last time I wrote about this subject, I was pretty firmly #teamhardcover. A year on, I would go as far to say I’ve switched.

You see, I used to love hardcovers for the aesthetic feel. But now, I’m so used to paperbacks being more portable and more comfortable, I’d say I’m #teampaperback.

Again, let’s discuss the benefits of the two.


  • Still more portable! Whenever I’m going away, I tend to take more paperbacks than hardcovers. Also, as a bookstagrammmer, it makes sense to take paperbacks out for photographing!
  • Easier and lighter to hold. I love reading in lots of different places – including in the bath. And that is one place you really need a paperback for 😛
  • Cheaper. There are cases when paperbacks can be so much cheaper, it’s an easy decision to make. As a student, I have to watch what I’m spending, and paperbacks definitely offer more value for money!
  • No dust jackets. You know those covers that rip, tear and crease? The bane of a bookworms existence! 



  • Sooo aesthetically pleasing *swoon*. Yep, I’d still argue that they’re prettier, even if I love paperbacks a lot more than I did a year ago!
  • Those hidden designs under the dust jacket…ah, such beauty
  • Less likely to damage those beautiful spines

So it’s pretty safe to say I’m finding it harder to come up with the positives for hardcovers. Although I still love them dearly, and will consider purchasing one for a book I really, really loved, I now consider paperbacks a lot more than I used to! They’re easier, lighter, smaller, cheaper, and (most of the time) just as beautiful.


Which team are you on?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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20 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! Hardcover vs Paperback

  1. I honestly much prefer hardcover. I don’t like the way that the covers on paperbacks bend while I read them. I find myself putting elastic bands around them to keep the covers down and I feel like I’m damaging the books. I agree that when traveling it’s much better to have 4 paperbacks than 4 hardcover books because it’s lighter and easier to carry, but if I have a choice, I will almost always pick up the hardcover.

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      1. The local bookstore closest to where I live seems to only carry the fantasy series I most want to read in MMP, so I have to end up ordering them in trade paperback online. I know MMP is cheaper to produce, but I feel like the writing is just so small xD


  2. Honestly, I don’t really care either way. I haven’t ever noticed a massive difference in ease of transportation with paperbacks. I do find hardcovers’ dust jackets a little annoying, though, and you bring up a good point with the price. 😛

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  3. I’m #TeamHardback all the way. I actually find that paperbacks are easier to damage and crease, which breaks my heart. When I am reading, I simply take off the dust jacket and leave it on the bookshelf, that way it stays nice and I wont have to mess with it. I don’t particularly think hardback OR paperbacks are especially comfortable to read from, if we are talking comfort, then an eReader will win out.

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  4. This is a really hard question. I have to say I´m both because traveling by train as I do everyday a paperback is so easy but still in the bookshelf hardbacks are the true winners!

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      1. Right now I´m trying out a hardback on the train. BIG mistake hahaha. So hard reading with lots and lots of people around and a massive book in hand! 😛

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