Let’s Discuss! Hype

This might seem like a pretty random topic – well, it is. But it’s something I thought of while typing up my review for Everything, Everything, and I think it might actually make an interesting discussion point.

In my review, I mention the reason I haven’t read Everything, Everything sooner. Because I simply thought it would be an overhyped cliche contemporary/romance. After reading The Fault in Our Stars – which I found severely overhyped – I fell into a bitter stage of not wanting to read anything with too much hype.

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But why? Because we are, simply, creatures of habit. We love dystopians like The Hunger Games and Divergent. We love paranormals like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. We love romances like The Fault in Our Stars and Me Before You.

So why do/did I generally steer away from these? Mainly because there are just too many similarities. I want something that people don’t read because it’s too different, and because it’s something they’re not used to.

I didn’t read Everything, Everything, because I thought it was a sad, cliche, emotional romance. I might be slightly right in that thought, but there is so much more in the story to make it unique. To make it such an incredible book to me.

I can hear you saying, what is the point of this post? Well, my point is that hype also means we make the wrong assumptions about things. Hype means we might not read an amazing book because it looks or sounds similar to one we didn’t like, or found overhyped. Hype isn’t always great – especially for people who are looking for something a little different.

What do you think? Do you prefer overhyped or underhyped books?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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26 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! Hype

  1. This is the exact reason I didn’t read Cinder until I started blogging. I thought it was just another over-hyped book. I’m so glad I decided to read it because that series is great. But I think that books that get a lot of attention tend to not live up to my expectations. Like they are supposed to be the greatest book of the year, but most of the time they are average to good books.

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  2. The World is Quiet Here

    I agree. I also think that cliche romances get overly hyped because of people who just want to an easy, relaxing read, nothing that reminds them of reality. An escape, which unfortunately is just a pile of meaningless fluff… 😂

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  3. I’m always eager to read a hyped book but I’m usually a bigger fan of the indie books that are coming out recently…some of them are better than most big publisher books!! I like to try to spread the word about those books, because without reviews for them, the book would die .

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  4. Interesting discussion! I think there are definitely a lot of assumptions subconsciously made when picking up a hyped book – which can lead to disappointment the book isn’t quite what it was made out to be, or pleasant surprise when it’s more than you were expecting! I often will buy a book at the time of the hype but then don’t read it for a while. It’s just important to remember to keep an open mind when reading a book that ‘s had a lot of hype surrounding it!

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  5. Hype always makes me wary of books because I’m afraid I often find that I just don’t LOVE the books everyone seems to gush over. The Raven Boys – A Darker Shade of Magic – The Winners Curse …. don’t get me wrong, these were all books I enjoyed, but I wasn’t crazy mad about them. Generally I prefer opening a book knowing nothing about it – I found preconceptions can really spoil a story thats perfectly good, but if its not what was expected then my enjoyed can go south! Great post!

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    1. Same! That’s how I felt about Red Queen – I liked it but I don’t think I liked it as much as the hype promised. I totally agree – I love going into books completely blind! Thank you 🙂


  6. Jessica @ Strung out on Books

    I see it both ways. On one hand, hype about a book means that a bunch of people all read it and enjoyed it which is sort of wonderful, isn’t it? That one book can get so many different people so excited. And to some extent, that’s the point of reviewing and recommended books, especially ARC books. You kind of want to create a hype if it’s a book you love and help that book succeed but recommended it to others who might enjoy it. On the other hand, though, it can totally lead to misconceptions about the book and some people may build up the book to unrealistic expectations that the book can’t measure up to. Overall, I prefer the hype. Great discussion!

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  7. Great question! I must admit – I despise hyped books. If someone grabs me by the arm and insists that I HAVE to read a book I can almost guarantee that it will never happen. Sometimes I will read them just to prove they are overhyped but I typically try to steer clear. That being said, I have enjoyed hyped books that are past their prime (Me Before You) that I have come to on my own.

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  8. thelivingbooktree

    When I joined this bookreading community a couple of years ago I read everything everyone was screaming about WAS THE BEST BOOK EVER. Gosh such a wrong decission from my side. Now I read what I want to read and not because everyone is saying I should read it. Ok if it sounds interesting I will probably read it but if not…

    One thing that can scare me away from a book is the covers where it says IF YOU LOVE TWILIGHT, IF YOU LIKED VAMPIRE DIARIES read this one.

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    1. Same! I usually just browse and read books I like the sound of. Ugh, I hate that! It can be completely wrong sometimes as publishing companies just do it to get readers.


      1. thelivingbooktree

        Yeah but most of the time I just look the other way, soooo many books have the Twilight reference. Still I like Twilight but now Im past it haha

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  9. I hear what you’re saying and I 1,000% agree! I only read Fault in Our Stars to see what the big deal was and while it was nice…it just didn’t feel any bigger or better than that. I was really excited for when Twilight, If I Stay and Thirteen Reasons Why came out because I read the books years before film production started but always got nervous because I wanted it to be done well. When If I Stay came out, we had to see something else that night in the theatre because there was a huge line of teenage girls and I was kinda upset – all I could think was ‘do they actually appreciate the book or is it just because it’s the latest trendy read?’ Ugh xD I just read Everything, Everything and felt the same as Fault in Our Stars..However I think it’ll make a much better movie than it did a book!

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    1. I totally agree with you! TFIOS annoyed me so much at the time because all of my friends were reading it and I thought “you never read unless it’s a trendy book” and it made me think…if teenagers only read very popular books, don’t they only see those books when they think of YA?

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  10. Such a great question! I never read Everything, Everything or The Fault in Our Stars just because they were so overhyped and that’s not my favirite genre. I’m the type who gravitates towards underhyped books, like Cinder or The Young Elites, but then they end up getting a little overhyped. 😂

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