Random: So Far This Year

I’m happy to say I’m on track for my Goodreads goal of 50 books this year! The summer is definitely helping me catch up and I’m really getting back into reading more at the moment. So as a just-past-mid-year post, I’m here to mention the books I’ve read this year so far and some of my favourites/least favourites!


Books I’ve Read

Our Chemical Hearts ★★★★ | Tales of the Peculiar ★★★★ | Seed ★★★★★ | The Girl of Ink and Stars ★★★★ | Caraval ★★★★★ | Cinder ★★★| Ink ★★★ | Geekerella ★★★★★ | Out of Heart ★★★★ | All the Good Things ★★★★★ | Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist ★★★ | One Italian Summer ★★★★★ | Lorali ★★★ | Thirteen Reasons Why ★★ | Everything, Everything ★★★★★ | Release ★★★★ | Spontaneous ★★ | The Sun is Also a Star ★★★★ | Who Runs the World? ★★ | The Last Summer of Us ★★★★ | Your Name. ★★★★★ | One of Us is Lying ★★★★★ | Seven Days of You ★★★★ | The One Memory of Flora Banks ★★★★ | A Quiet Kind of Thunder ★★★★★ | Windfall ★★★ | Wing Jones ★★★★★

My Favourite Reads of the Year So Far


My Least Favourite Reads of the Year So Far


I’m pretty happy with my progress at the moment! I’m feeling fully out of my reading slump and back into reading.

How are you doing with your reading challenge?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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4 thoughts on “Random: So Far This Year

  1. Usually, my daughter is home in the summer, and we go to concerts, plays, and on vacation. Her graduate program started in June, so my summer has been wide open. With all this free time, I am killing my GR challenge, so I started picking up other challenges (Diverse reads, Debut authors, book bingo) in order to push me to broaden my reading, and it’s been great.

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