Book vs. Movie: Everything, Everything

Everything Everything is a book I fell completely, truly and utterly in love with. You can clearly see from my review how much I adored it, and when I knew it was going to be made into a movie, I was so excited.

The movie is one of the most visually appealing I’ve ever seen. A year ago, I may not have been able to appreciate it, but after studying a year of media, I can appreciate how utterly beautiful it is.

What did I love most about the movie? I would say the plot, the characters, the story…but this movie stays so true to the book. There is hardly anything different, and the only thing I picked up on was Nurse Clara’s daughter being a friend to Maddy.

I appreciated this movie in many ways. Focusing on the movie rather than the book related things, I love the way this film is shot. There are close ups and angles I haven’t see in movies before. There are words that show up on the screen to give another level, another layer to the movie. There is a great consistency in colour throughout this movie – specifically blues and greens. It could be in large things, like the sea, or small, like Maddy’s laptop cover…but it wrapped everything together.

Maybe it was the colours and consistency, the soft focus, blur and close ups…but this movie seemed very chilled. Comforting. Relaxing. I adored it.

I would happily say this is the best movie adaptation I’ve ever seen, for the simple reason that I couldn’t possibly say which is better. I felt more emotion towards the book and I love the added details, drawings and descriptions. But the movie gave me beautiful shots, music and other aspects of having a visual form. Both were beautiful.


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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15 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie: Everything, Everything

  1. I adored this book, so I am so happy to hear you say the film stayed true to the book. I have to say, they did a stupendous job casting this film, because the actors they chose totally fit my vision.

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  2. I loved they way they adapted the movie as well. I was so worried about how they would adapt all of the messages and emails and they did such a good job with it all. I loved how they highlighted the astronaut in the movie.

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