Beautiful Quotes #57 / Summer Days and Summer Nights

It’s been another couple of days since I blogged last which is crazy! It’s not that I’m not reading (I’m enjoying Me and Earl and the Dying Girl), but a lot has happened in my life recently that has changed things for me. I’ve been busier (and slightly distracted…), with college as well as for personal reasons!

I’m hoping to be back more this week and from now on – but with everything on top of planning for my 18th birthday party in a couple of weeks, things are going to be crazy!

So today I’m here with a quote from a recent read to wrap up the summer – you can read my full review for all 12 short stories here.


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“Probably falling in love is always a little like that: You discover that one other person who understands what no one else seems to, which is that the world is broken and can never, ever be fixed. You can stop pretending, at least for a little while. You can both admit it, if only to each other.”


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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