Let’s Discuss! Goodreads Shelves

It seems like it’s been ages since I’ve actually sat down and wrote a Let’s Discuss post! However, I do have a healthy list of things I’d like to talk about on the blog and this is one of them.

Goodreads Shelves: Do I use them? What do I use them for? Should you use them?

You see, it’s only been in the past couple of months that I’ve actually made more shelves. Why? Because I kind of…didn’t see the point. I would read through pages of other peoples reviews (as I often do while I’m writing a review of my own) and see so many shelves for one book (some examples: mental-illness, 5-stars, favourites-2016, fiction-i-own).

And I would sit there a little confused as to why there are so many different shelves. Surely it just clogs up your Goodreads and makes you more confused? Surely you can sit and look at your bookshelf and remember which you rated 5 stars and which you read in 2016?

So what, eventually, triggered me to change? To put it simply – the amount of books I actually own and have read. The thing is, it does actually become hard to keep track of them all, and shelving does help!

At the moment, I do still only have 5 shelves aside from my currently reading, TBR and read ones, but even those few help me keep track of everything without being too confused. I started my first ‘bonus’ shelf to keep track of books I had read and needed to buy physical copies of – and I kind of realised it worked. It helped. Now I have annoying-af, five-stars-and-more, beautiful-covers, to-buy and great-side-characters. I don’t think I’ll have many more than that, but it definitely does help having those few.

Do you have many Goodreads shelves? You can add me on Goodreads here!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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16 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! Goodreads Shelves

  1. I only have a favourites shelf right now but I would like to add a few more. I could see how it would be convenient for blogging to have a bit more organization! If I wanted to recommend historical fiction books for example I could just click on the shelf and see all of the books of that genre I have read! One day I will get around to doing that!

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  2. I used to only have simple shelves by genre and age group, with a few sub-genres thrown in there, but once I started blogging, I needed to add more, because I am always going back to my “read” shelf for different discussion posts or Top Ten Tuesdays, etc. I also have shelved for my reading challenges.

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  3. As you, I never really saw the point in all those Goodreads-shelves, but I’ve caught myself changing on that front. It started with starting a shelf for the physical books I own, so I could keep track of them. Then I switched it up to my “read” and just added a new one but with my physical TBR. Now THIS one helps me quite a lot because it’s huge – over 130? – and I sometimes forget what books I already bought but have yet to read.. Ugh.
    Apart from that, I’ve started my 2018-releases shelf and even added one for 2019 as well. At least it’ll be easier to make lists for my most anticipated releases, haha.

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  4. No I had one other before, the unread in my shelf but it got soo exhausted to change that since it stayed on that shelf even if I had read it, and if I took it away from that shelf it got removed from my read book as well so I just stopped using extra shelves.

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