Let’s Discuss! 2 Years Blogging!

A lovely friend did a little interview with me yesterday about my blog and one of the questions she asked was how long I’ve been running it – that made me realise something.

October 6th is the date I started this blog. 2 years ago.

Last year I celebrated with a special post about some of my favourite books related to months. I would love to do something similar this year instead of just waffling on about how much I love and appreciate every single one of you and giving some cheesy talk. But before I start, I am going to do just that.

Another thing that came up in this interview is why I blog. And it made me realise that the main reason is because of you guys. Not because of money (I make absolutely nothing from running this thing) or popularity, or anything similar. It’s simply because I love being able to share my love for books with people who understand and feel the same.

For that reason and that reason alone, I love blogging. I love when my phone pings with a new comment. I love when you guys interact with me on Goodreads or drop me a message on Instagram. I love knowing that people are reading and enjoying my posts – you guys really do mean a lot to me.

Now onto my feature! It took a bit of brainstorming, but I think I’m going to share with you my favourite books I’ve read in the past year. As with last years feature, I’ll do it month by month starting with October 2016!


Last October, I was reading the Twilight Saga! In fact, I didn’t read anything else, so it has to be the top of my list.


November is the month I read Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven. Jennifer is one of my favourite authors of all time (in fact I cried when I met her), and Holding Up the Universe is one of the purest, most kind-hearted book I’ve ever read.


I was lucky enough to read an ARC copy of Unconventional by Maggie Harcourt in December, and it remains one of my absolute favourite YA contemporaries.


January brought Seed by Lisa Heathfield – a book friend and co-blogger Pete recommended to me and one I absolutely loved.


I was lucky enough to meet Stephanie Garber in February and also adored her book – Caraval!


March was a slow month, and I only read Cinder by Marissa Meyer. So even though it wasn’t one of my favourite books, I guess it’s got to be my favourite from March!


I caught up with reading in April, and my favourite was definitely Geekerella by Ashley Poston – definitely one to read if you liked Unconventional.


I read 6 books in May and my reading definitely picked up, but Everything Everything still stood out above the rest.


June was the month I read Your Name. by Makoto Shinkai, and I adored it!


I read a lot of books while I was away in July, one of those being A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard, which was by far my favourite.


August brought two beautiful reads, both by Chris Russell! Yep, my favourite reads from August were Songs About a Girl and Songs About Us.


My favourite read from September might also be my favourite read of the year so far – I give to you Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett!

Thank you again for reading, now and all of my posts! See you next time, bookworms 🙂


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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11 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! 2 Years Blogging!

  1. Congratulations on 2 years!!! I was admiring your list, because I also loved many of those books. I read 6 of them and really want to read 2 others. I am sort of sad that Amazon only has used paperbacks of Unconventional for sale, because it was a book I really wanted to read, and ditto for Songs About Us (if I click the kindle option on the book, it brings me to the first book). I was really happy to see Geekerella, Songs About a Girl, and Alex on your list. Loved them all, and they deserve more love.

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