Beautiful Quotes #63 / Floored

Hi bookworms! Today has been so lovely as I met up with my friend and co-blogger Pete and we went for sushi and book browsing. It’s always great to see him and catch up 🙂

So today’s book is actually a sample I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about for a while. I was lucky enough to pick up from YALC earlier this year, and I enjoyed it so much! I know this one is going to be so interesting. The story (so far), follows a suspicious incident in an elevator and the story is told by six of the seven people involved. Each author tells the story of a different character, and the book is set over a series of years on this particular day.

This book sounds like a brilliant cross between One Day and One of Us is Lying, and I can’t wait for the full version!

Image result for floored ya book


“Just because I’m getting in doesn’t mean I’m staying, I tell myself. I still feel like doing a runner. As the lift doors close a weird thought comes into my head out of nowhere: stay or go…I ask the universe to give me a sign.”


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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