Let’s Discuss! Buying Books #1

Hi bookworms! I’m trying my best to keep on top of blogging, therefore I’m back today with a discussion post.

A while ago, one of my peers at college asked me how I afford so many books. Well, the only way I can is by following a strict regime and a number of tricks. I think it’s about time I share those tips with you guys, and here I am! Today is just the first installment in this guide, and I’m hoping to share more soon.

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1.Buy online and shop around

I’m sure this is something everyone does now, but it’s so helpful! I would really recommend checking all Amazon sellers and even trying eBay when you’re trying to find a book – you can find some really good deals just by searching around.


2. Loyalty vouchers

It’s totally worth becoming a loyal customer if you shop at a bookshop a lot. You might not know this, but for those in the UK, Waterstones also offer a stamp card where you earn £10 for every £100 you spend.

3. Buy secondhand

Buying from thrift or charity stores is something I find difficult – YA sections are often non-existent or undefined. But it can be worth a browse! I can almost always find a book if I do a proper search around my local city, and they’re always cheap. Secondhand books aren’t always in bad condition, either, which is always a bonus.

So those are my first tips for buying books! How do you save money when buying books?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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