Let’s Discuss! Bloggers I Love

I’m really enjoying writing discussion posts at the moment and this post is going to be about bloggers I love! I’ve been trying to make sure I scroll through my feed every couple of days now and read posts that jump out at me.

This is definitely an appreciation post for my lovely fellow bloggers in the community, as I think it’s about time I give a bit of a shoutout to these gorgeous people!

Emma Reads

I started following Emma on Goodreads and I’m such a big fan of her! Her reviews can be so interesting and I love how savage she can be sometimes. I also adore her writing style and how chatty she is! Honestly, just go and check this girl out.

Reading Every Night

My fellow Beth! I love Beth’s posts and even her about page makes me chuckle! Her blog posts are really interesting and her love for books shines through in her detailed and interesting posts 🙂

Audrey Writes Abroad

Audrey has some really interesting posts about her travels and reading! Her photography is really beautiful too and I really admire her. The mixture of writing, reading and travels is perfect.

While exploring more blogs recently, I’ve also come across labeaute.org and this interesting post about 30 things to do before you turn 30! It’s definitely not your typical bucket list and I love that.


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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