Harry Potter Stuff I Want

Hi everyone! I’m nearly finished with Harry Potter now but I’m planning to watch all of the movies next week! I bought some HP pyjamas yesterday and now I just want more HP merch. I decided to use this post to show you some of the things I want.

Image result for harry potter candle

I’m obsessed with candles and I absolutely love the lids on these.

Tea is another one of my greatest loves, so how cute is this teaspoon!

Hufflepuff Harry Potter Yellow Campfire Mug | A Little Tinsel

Keeping with the tea theme, isn’t this mug just gorgeous? I’m so glad I’m a Hufflepuff.

75 Harry Potter Jewelery Pieces To Show That You’re Still Waiting For Your Hogwarts Letter

I’ve started to really get into jewellery recently and my lovely boyfriend recently bought me a 9 3/4 charm, which I adore.

Storybook Cosmetics Gunmetal Wizard Wands Makeup Brush Set

Well, what makeup lover doesn’t want these Beauty Bay storybook cosmetics brush set?

Which HP/fandom things do you want to buy?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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