A Postcard From: Oxford

Postcards are one of the rarer features of my blog but I’m excited to be doing another one! I found myself in Oxford this weekend, a beautiful city in the south east of England. My boyfriend and I had a couple of spare days and we decided to look around and found some amazing places. I never realised what a bookish city Oxford is, and reading Harry Potter at the moment made it even more perfect!


On the first day, we looked around a lovely indoor market, many shops and ended up in a botanical gardens. Even though most flowers weren’t in bloom, the greenhouses were so beautiful!


On Sunday, we had another wander around Oxford and found a really nice bookshop. It was just as lovely inside!


This is the basement alone – you might not be able to see it, but there’s 3 different levels just in the basement! There were so many sections, including my favourite, below.

As I’m currently reading Harry Potter, this section was amazing. It was full of merchandise, a full size broomstick and something else…


This gorgeous mug, which my boyfriend bought for me! Isn’t it lovely?

We also visited this beautiful place, which was used in some of the Harry Potter films! Oxford is actually famous as a HP set, and that was so exciting.

Before we left, we also stopped off at the Oxford Museum of Natural History, which is actually breathtaking! There are so many amazing exhibitions and I loved it.

So I had a lovely weekend in Oxford, a beautiful city I’d love to go back to sometime!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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