Let’s Discuss! Books on Pinterest

You might not know this about me, but I love Pinterest! It’s by far my favourite social media, as I use it for my own personal use and I use it for sooo much. Some of my boards include recipes, homeware, photography, fashion, plants, travel and especially books! If you want to find my account, click here.

I’ve found so many cool bookshops, ideas and bookshelves on Pinterest, so I thought today I’d share 5 pins I’ve found interesting.

Let’s start with bookshops! I’ve found so many cute stores on Pinterest, including Shakespeare and Company, which I was lucky enough to visit last time I went to Paris.

Ummm, how cute is this? I’m not really one for personalising my books or whatever, but this is amazing and classy. Click the link for more awesome bookish gift ideas!

I always love looking through other people’s bookshelves as it gives me ideas for my own – and fairy lights are always something I want to do.

In case of emergencies, I carry a book!

This one wouldn’t add as a widget, but here we go! I love this quote and other bookish ones.
The Books Behind Your Favorite Studio Ghibli Films

The last one won’t add as a widget either, but here goes. The pin that goes with this image told me all about the books that inspired Studio Ghibli movies, and those movies are some of my favourites in the world. So not only has Pinterest given me decorating ideas, quotes, bookshops and gift ideas…it has also given me knowledge and facts about some of my favourite books.

What could possibly be better than that?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! Books on Pinterest

  1. I usually use Pinterest for my bookish ideas of making tea, candles, and cooking haha the cooking is not always the best as the recipes are not always correct XD but I use it a lot! For books, I upload the pictures that we published :3 and other bookish ideas will be awesome!

    I have followed some of your boards! I hope to get a few ideas from you :3

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