T5W: Favourite LGBTQIA+ Books

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Well this one is a long title so I didn’t put it all in the title. Deep breath and here goes…Favourite LGBTQIA+ Books That Don’t Focus on Cis M/M Relationships. It’s meant to be that don’t feature but I’m going with focus on instead. Also woooh for this topic not just because of Pride and everything, but also I can include the book I’m currently reading!


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As far as I can remember, this book is about a transgender female, and I loved it! Lisa worked with teenagers undergoing transitions, and her deep understanding shone through in this book.


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This book is definitely a heartwarming one, and I really enjoyed it! I remember loving how much the focus included the straight friends and the way they supported their LGBT friends.


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One of my favourite books ever, this book was beautiful. I loved the romance in this book and it’s one of my favourite LGBT books ever!


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Ahh, this one!! A book that includes a gay couple and lesbian couple and both of their stories!


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Little did I know it, the above book is exactly what I needed to get out of my reading rut. It’s so cute and fast paced and I’m enjoying it so so much! Review coming Friday.

Which LGBTQIA+ non cis m/m reads do you recommend?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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8 thoughts on “T5W: Favourite LGBTQIA+ Books

  1. i love specifying non-cis M/M relationships! those are ofc important but definitely easier to find than some other rep. i’ll have to check out some of these – great post!!

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  2. I loved Simon vs the Homo Sapiens and am interested in reading the Upside of Unrequited, but oddly worried it would somehow ruin my love of Simon? (Sounds so stupid right? My daughter said that once to me before she read Harry Potter. She thought it would ruin her love of the Percy Jackson series. I didn’t get it then, but kind of do now…) But if it got you out of a reading slump, I think I need to get over this weird fear! I read If I Was Your Girl about a year ago and really liked it. I also just read a book called Dreadnought about a transgender superhero. It was very unique and cool!

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