Beautiful Quotes #90 / One of Us Is Lying

Beautiful Quotes is a weekly meme hosted by me, where I post some of my favourite quotes. Any other bloggers are welcome to join me in this and just link my blog!

Hi readers! I’m still in the depths of A Court of Wings and Ruin which I’m really enjoying. I’m hoping to have my review up for Thursday so keep your eyes peeled. Also…why has it taken me so long to carry on with this series?

On a completely different note, this weeks quote is from a mystery book. I visited a bookshop yesterday and saw Floored, a new release which includes 7 different perspectives. That reminded me of another mystery book which includes several perspectives, and that’s where our quote comes in!


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“I stand and hold out my hand. She gives me a skeptical look, but takes it and lets me pull her to her feet. I put my other hand in the air. ‘Bronwyn Rojas, I solemnly swear not to murder you today or at any point in the future. Deal?’
‘You’re ridiculous,’ she mutters, going even redder.
‘It concerns me you’re avoiding a promise not to murder me.” 


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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