Let’s Discuss! Special Editions of Books

Hi everyone! I’ve been to visit my lovely friend Courtney today and one of the conversations we had made me think of an awesome idea for a blog post. I’ve definitely decided I’m a book collector, as I have many editions of books! There are many more I’d like to collect, and I’ve decided to post about some today.


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When it comes to this one, I’m guilty. It comes out on October 11th and I just preordered one as a birthday gift to myself 😉


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I’ve been seeing this book since it came out and I adore this edition! Too bad it’s so hard to get hold of now.


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I saw this edition on Courtney’s shelf today and it. is. so. pretty. Someone please stop me from buying one.


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This book is definitely one I’d like to acquire for Christmas this year! I have the matching edition of Summer Days and Summer Nights, and they would just look perfect together.

Which special/collectors editions of books would you like?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! Special Editions of Books

  1. Have you read Strange the Dreamer? I am eyeing the metallic editions of that book and the sequel, Muse of Nightmares, from Illumicrate. It’s soooo pretty. But the price plus the shipping fee is so expensive. 😂😭 I love collecting books too. It’s so satisfying. 😂

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