Let’s Discuss! Love, Simon Movie

It’s taken me way, way too long to get round to watching this movie! I read the book years ago, possibly even when it was released, and I’ve been following the movie progress since it was announced. But then it was actually released, and I managed to miss it in cinemas (partly due to the limited release here in the UK). But I’ve finally watched it, and I’m so glad I did!

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I really enjoyed this movie. Mostly. Because I can’t lie, I had more than a few issues with it.

  1. Love, Simon includes many posts on an online group for their school Creekwood High. I think this page is called Creek Secrets? I’m not going to blather on about how this is unrealistic, because frankly I can see this being a thing in high schools now…my issue is that this wasn’t really explained in the movie? In fact I don’t think it was ever even mentioned that they went to Creekwood High, therefore halfway through the movie my boyfriend turned to me and asked me what this online group/page actually was.
  2. Simon is kind of an a-hole. I’m sorry. I love Simon. But he really, really didn’t come across well in this movie. It actually seemed kind of extreme that he turned his best friends against each other to just slow down his inevitable coming-out. Sure, he redeemed himself a little, but overall I felt really disappointed in him. I remembered a better Simon from the books, where his actions were more understandable. But in the movie, I just couldn’t help but roll my eyes whenever he made another sh*tty move.
  3. The mystery could have been done a lot better. It really annoyed me that who ‘Blue’ was wasn’t really suggested, but shown under such a plain light that every time it happened, I felt like we’d found Blue. The suggestions should have been just that, but instead each guy felt like a definite until the end. Instead of being intrigued, it just left me feeling annoyed.

So unfortunately I had more than a few niggles about this movie. But I still thought it was great and loved all the things I loved about the book!

  1. The teaches were downright awesome. I’m a big Arrested Development fan and it was so great to see Tony Hale playing such a funny character. I also loved Mrs Albright, she might have even been my favourite character in this movie :p
  2. It was so cool to see Simon’s family, and I loved his little sister. Family is never shown enough in YA and it warmed my heart to see Simon have the love and support from his family
  3. Simon’s friend group was also so great! They all had their issues but I loved their diversity and the way they supported one another.

So overall this movie is definitely worth a watch. It’s fun, entertaining and kind of comforting in it’s feel-good factor! But I’m sorry to say….the book was better.


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss! Love, Simon Movie

  1. I agree with the issues that you had… even in the movie I found Simon annoying and quite with a superiority complex… also even though the actor is really good… I don’t think he was THAT good… mainly because being gay was so not his role… he looked so awkward… hahaha


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