The Sunshine Blogger Award

First of all, a big thank you to Emily for nominating me! I’ve done this tag a few times over my time as a blogger, but I enjoy doing this one as the questions change every time. So let’s get on with it!



  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog?

11 Questions from Emily

1.Which fictional character do you think best represents you?

I’m probably a cross between Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood (and also Tessa from The Infernal Devices). I think Hermione reflects most bookworms out there, but I’m definitely a little more eccentric than her!

Image result for luna lovegood gif

2. Which fictional character do you love, but think would be horrible in real life?

AIDAN from The Illuminae Files is definitely one of my favourite villains, and he has a heart in there somewhere! But I’d be way too scared to meet him in real life (or, like, be in the ship he controls).

3. What’s one of your favourite blog posts that you would like to receive a little more love? (Because I want to give it more love!).

The thing I’m most proud of is definitely my bookmark Etsy shop, but seconding that is the masterlist of every book I own! I also still reflect back on my review for A Very Large Expanse of Sea.

4. Do you tend to read only one book at a time, or multiple?

I’m definitely a one-book-at-a-time reader, however I will pick up a non-fiction/uni related book while reading a fiction.

5. Do you ever listen to audiobooks? If so, what do you like about them? If not, why not?

I’ve actually never listened to an audiobook in my life. I don’t know, I just don’t see it being for me. I love physical books so much. However I do see why other people love them so much and I should definitely give them a go sometime!

6. What are you reading at the moment? Are you enjoying it?

Interestingly, I’ve picked up East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I told my lovely boyfriend Josh that he could pick a book for me to read after I finished all my Cassandra Clare books. He recommended me this, and even though I don’t really read classics I’m actually enjoying it!

7. Do you have a favourite genre? If so, what is it?

At the moment it’s definitely YA/NA fantasy. I used to be a contemporary/romance girl, but I love fantasy at the moment!

8. Who gave you your love of reading?

It’s just something I’ve done as long as I remember – my mum read to me and my brother when we were children, starting with simple Mr Men books and then Enid Blyton. I’ve read since I could read, and I used to love Roald Dahl! However, my grandad also loves reading and reads about as much as me (if not more).

9. What’s your favourite way to relax?

If it’s not picking up a book, I love playing a game. At the moment, Stardew Valley is still my go-to game, especially to relax. If I’m stressed out or upset however, I turn to the kitchen and bake!

Image result for stardew valley gif

10. Are there any characters in one of your favourite books that you really don’t like?

It took me a long time to like Jessamine from The Infernal Devices – but I think that’s intentional on Cassie’s part.

11. Do you read nonfiction? If so, what do you like reading the best?

Yes I guess so! I devour everything Harry Potter, including behind the scenes and making of the movies. I also have a specific love for travel books, and I read about photography as it’s the subject I’m currently studying at university.

My nominations

  1. Lori’s Bookshelf Reads
  2. Rustic Pages
  3. Kristin Kraves Books
  4. Aqua Pages
  5. A Book a Thought
  6. Kerri the Book Belle
  7. Books and Bubble Tea
  8. Whimsy Pages
  9. Brianna the Bookworm
  10. A Court of Coffee and Books
  11. Geronimo Reads

My questions

  1. When do you read more, day or night?
  2. How many unread books do you own?
  3. Which 2019 release are you super excited for?
  4. Which authors are on your auto-buy list?
  5. Which book do you hate/dislike and everyone loves?
  6. Name a book or series you’d love to see as a movie or TV show.
  7. How many books are too many in a series?
  8. Name your favourite bookish group of friends. (by this I mean a group of friends in a book, such as the gang from Six of Crows or the boys from The Raven Cycle!)
  9. Which book(s) do you have fond memories of?
  10. What’s your favourite bookish map?
  11. Other than reading, what do you love to do?

Thank you for reading and I hope you decide to join me in this tag!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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21 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Thank you SO much for tagged me, honey! 😊 . I haven’t heard an audiobook in my life, but I would like to try it at some point and I also prefer reading one book at a time, although I would like to read more at the same time I can’t concentrate on so many stories 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This January was the first time I properly commited to audio books. Driving for almost 3 hours, 4 times per week felt like a waste of time, so at least I make some progress in my monthly TBRs. But I don’t think I’d be listening to audio books if not for the commutes. Audiobooks are just not as immersive. 🙂

    Thank you for the nomination! Love the questions and will try to post the tag very soon ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s why I would love to get into them, to have something to listen to when driving long distances etc! But I just feel like there’s nothing quite like picking up a physical book.

      You’re very welcome – can’t wait to hear your answers!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This January was the first time I properly commited to aidiobooks. Commuting for 3 hours almost everyday felt like a big waste of time, so at least I get to make some progress in my monthly TBRs 😁 but I’d always chose reading over listening. Audiobooks are just not as immersive.

    Thank you for the nomination! Love the questions and will try to post the answers very soon ❤️

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  4. I used to be more in to contemporary too but I’ve been on a YA/NA fantasy kick for these past few months! It’s such a good genre. Ah saaame, I had a hard time liking Jessamine too! She wasn’t easy to like at first haha. Great answers, and thank you so much for this tag!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    We have a lot in common based on your answers here 🙂
    I’m a total Luna.
    I concur that AIDAN would be HORRIFYING in real life o.O
    My attention span basically dictates that I can only read one book at a time, and also pretty much eliminates audiobooks as a possibility.
    And YA/NA is easily one of my favourite genres 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, AIDAN’s immensely intriguing! But also I wouldn’t want him meddling in my affairs. Even if it were for my own good 😉 (Also, isn’t it funny how we gender an operating system?! And how we start to have compassion towards him? The philosophical questions this series poses are so great!)

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