Beautiful Quotes #126 / With Malice

Beautiful Quotes is a weekly meme hosted by me, where I post some of my favourite quotes. Any other bloggers are welcome to join me in this and just link my blog!

Hello lovelies! All being well, I should be sunning myself in Greece right now. I’ve set up posts to queue this week, but I’ll hopefully still be online some of the time!

I thought I’d go with something summery with a twist for today’s Beautiful Quotes. How about a mystery set in gorgeous Italy?


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“we can still be good people, even if we don’t say or do good things all the time.” 
― Eileen Cook, With Malice


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Quotes #126 / With Malice

  1. I had a big math test today and I stayed up way too late wondering if I should just travel to Spain alone after the semester is over. Have you travelled a lot? I’ve been a couple places, but never alone and really want to practice my (hopefully good enough for conversation) spanish and get some sun. Good quote, I really want to read that book, seems like a great summer read

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    1. Hi Eline, I hope the math test went well! I guess ive travelled a little, but only by myself in the UK. I don’t mind travelling by myself in the UK at all, but I’m actually with my boyfriend here in Greece 🙂 so I’m probably not the best person to ask!

      But I can say after having such good experiences abroad, I would be open to going it alone. I think my best tip would be to book through a travel agent, as having transfers to and from the airport was such a big help for us! Also knowing youll have some English speakers around you is very comforting. Then you can gauge how much the locals speak and see about going further out. Of course it really depends what you’d like to do though, so if you do go for it I hope you have a lovely time!

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