Let’s Discuss! Reading a 16 Book Series

Hi everyone! Ever since I finished Morganville, I’ve wanted to write a post about the series as a whole, and my experience reading such a long series. For a long time, I didn’t really read series, and I read a lot of standalone contemporaries. In fact, I only got into Morganville because of Rachel Caine touring when Midnight Bites came out and my friend at the time wanted to go! I’m really glad we did, because here I am 3 years later, having finally completed and adored the series.

I have to say, going into 16 books was daunting, but it couldn’t have been an easier to read series. Most of the books are short, and although not exactly lighthearted, they’re all easy and quick reads. I needed something I knew I wouldn’t have to focus on too much while moving house a couple of months ago, and these were the perfect books to pick up. Going on holiday in early May meant I could storm through a few more, and I think I finished them in under 2 months altogether! Before I talk about my last thoughts and feelings, I’m going to link all of my reviews below.

Glass Houses (Morganville #1) – Rachel Caine
The Dead Girls’ Dance (Morganville #2) – Rachel Caine
Midnight Dance (Morganville #3) – Rachel Caine
Feast of Fools (Morganville #4) – Rachel Caine
Lord of Misrule (Morganville #5) – Rachel Caine
Cape Corpus (Morganville #6) – Rachel Caine
Fade Out (Morganville #7) – Rachel Caine
Kiss of Death (Morganville #8) – Rachel Caine
Ghost Town (Morganville #9) – Rachel Caine
Bite Club (Morganville #10) – Rachel Caine
Last Breath (Morganville #11) – Rachel Caine
Black Dawn (Morganville #12) – Rachel Caine
Bitter Blood (Morganville #13) – Rachel Caine
Fall of Night (Morganville #14) – Rachel Caine
Daylighters (Morganville #15) – Rachel Caine
Midnight Bites – Rachel Caine


It’s going to be bittersweet to leave these books behind, and I want to end by saying a few things about the series as a whole:

  • The cast of characters and the group of friends (Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve), have been some of the best I’ve read about. Their chemistry, and action packed scenes contrasted with them living together, made me love them all so much.
  • The location has been so layered, atmospheric and beautiful, in it’s own weird way.
  • Rachel Caine has some skill to keep me interested for 16 books, the longest series I’ve read so far!

I want to leave on a quote from the end of the book which I loved so much and thought summed up the wonderful journey Caine has taken me and so many other readers on:

“You know, you are not the mousy little thing I met that morning in Common Grounds,” he said. “You’ve become something else entirely.”‘

Claire, it’s been so great to see you grow up and mature. Thank you for your story, and the adventure that came with it.


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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