Let’s Discuss! My Trip to Dublin

Hi all! I’ve briefly mentioned recently that I was travelling to Dublin to meet Sophie from Mind of a Bookdragon, and today’s post is all about that!

A little background: me and Sophie met through the bookish Instagram community years ago. We’re not exactly sure of the year, but we think it’s about 5 years! We’ve talked a lot since then, and video called, but never had the chance to meet as I live in the UK and she lives in the USA. Until now! We were lucky enough to find ourselves close enough for me to pay her a visit, so I flew over for the day to Dublin, which is a brand new city for me!

This is the exact place Sophie and I saw each other (and of course ran to give each other hugs) for the first time! The photo of us was taken just minutes after we first saw each other 🙂

We spent a very full day exploring the city, which Sophie knows better than me and showed me around. It’s such a beautiful city!

We visited The Book of Kells and the Long Room together, and we were definitely the perfect people to see this place with. I believe it’s from this scene in Harry Potter.

Other adventures were bookish and non-bookish! By complete chance, I happened to be visiting on the day of the Pride Parade, which we went to see. It was absolutely brilliant and so fun, it really gave the city a different vibe and I felt so lucky to be there to see it.

We also went to the castle, the National History Museum, the Library and St Stephen’s Green, among many other places while exploring the city together! We also visited so many bookshops, including Hodges Figgis which is the Irish version of the British bookshop Waterstones and Ireland’s Oldest Bookshop.

Thank you again to Sophie for the many years of friendship and for our long awaited day together. I can’t wait to do it all again one day 🙂


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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