N.E.W.T.s Magical Readathon Wrap Up 2019

Hi all! I’m happy to say my first ever readathon was a great success! I joined in with the N.E.W.T.s Magical Readathon this August and thought I’d give a quick rundown of how it went. So, what are the N.E.W.T.s?

What is the N.E.W.T.s Magical Readathon? And how does it work?

The Magical Readathon is run by Book Roast on YouTube and is split into two parts: the O.W.L.s are in April and the N.E.W.T.s run throughout August. You aim for a profession using the wonderful career guide created by G (link below). Each profession includes the O.W.L and N.E.W.T levels you need to aim for to pass, including the level you need, that being A for Acceptable, E for Exceeded Expectations and O for Outstanding. Depending on your chosen profession, you’ll be aiming for more or less books than other professions!

If you complete your O.W.L.s in April, you can use these to dive into the N.E.W.T.s, but I joined without completing any O.W.L.s at all and still had a great time. Once you know which exams you have to take, you can use the prompts letter to find out how to organise your TBR (link below). Each exam has different prompts, and you then pick a book to fit the prompt. Once you’ve completed them to the grade you need for your profession, you complete the exams!

Useful Documents and Links

These are taken from the description in the 2019 Magical Readathon N.E.W.T.s video!

My Chosen Career

I chose to aim for the Magizoologist career this year! To pass my N.E.W.T.s I needed an Outstanding in Care of Magical Creatures, an Exceeded Expectations in Charms and an Exceeded Expectations in Herbology. That means I needed to read 7 books to achieve my career. However, I also included the Outstanding prompts in my TBR in case I surpassed these. If you want to have a quick look back on my TBR post, you can find it here.

My Wrap-Up

Care of Magical Creatures


Goodreads | Amazon | Review

The prompt for this one was to read a book that starts with the letter A. I’d recently picked up Attachments at YALC and thought it was perfect! I really enjoyed this book and rated it 5 stars.

44097002. sy475

Goodreads | Amazon | Review

For the Exceeding Expectations grade, the prompt was to read a book under 300 pages. This one is only around 150, and I flew through it and gave it 4 stars.

23308087. sy475

Goodreads | Amazon | Review

This was the only exam I needed an Oustanding in, and the prompt was read a book with a bird on the cover. What better than a phoenix? I gave this book 4 stars too.



Goodreads | Amazon | Review

The prompt for Acceptable in Charms was read a book with a gorgeous cover. I decided to pick up this one and loved it! I gave it 4.5 stars.

43307358. sy475

Goodreads | Amazon | Review

When I saw the prompt for Exceeding Expectations was to read a comic or graphic novel, I knew immediately it was the perfect excuse to pick up Heartstopper 2! Of course I had to give it 5 stars.

45554140. sx318

Goodreads | Amazon

I didn’t need to reach Outstanding for my career in Charms, but I finished early enough to read Girls of Storm and Shadow! I gave it 4 stars and loved being back in this world.



Goodreads | Amazon | Review

The prompt for Acceptable in Herbology was to read an audiobook or a book with a green cover. As I’m not one for audiobooks, I picked the greenest book I had and ended up really enjoying it. I gave this 4 stars!

47182592. sy475

Goodreads | Amazon | Review

To achieve an Exceeding Expectations, I needed to read a book between 350-390 pages. They’re harder to find than you’d expect, but I read Scars Like Wings and loved it. It was another 4 star read for me, and I’d definitely recommend looking out for it on October 1st!

46743542. sy475

Goodreads | Amazon | Review

I didn’t need to achieve an Outstanding in Herbology, but I ended up having enough time to read this one for a book with flowers on the cover. It was only a 2 star read unfortunately, but it allowed me to get Oustanding’s on all of my exams!

My Experience

I loved joining a readathon. I found it really pushed me to read as I wanted so badly to complete my TBR before the deadline of August 31st. I was part of a group chat which was fun too! I’ve already joined the Hogwarts readathon for September, and I’ll be talking about that on Friday 🙂

Did you join the magical readathon this year? Did you achieve your career?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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