Top 5 Fall Reads

This Top 5 Wednesday series is inspired by the weekly meme on Goodreads which you can find here. I no longer follow the topics and instead use my own.

Hello October! I’ve had a tough September and I’m so happy to welcome another month. I’m doing a lot better now and I’m excited to get back to blogging! Today has been significantly chillier than the past few weeks, and it really inspired me to post about fall/autumn reads.

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I think a lot of people re-read Harry Potter at this time of year as it’s got the whole ‘going back to school’ vibe!


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How could I not include this gorgeous graphic novel? It’s absolutely beautiful inside and made me so excited for autumn. I wish we had Pumpkin Patches here in the UK!


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I’ve always said The Raven Cycle is a perfect read for this time of year. It’s kind of dark and mysterious, and I love it.

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A Curse so Dark and Lonely is my current read, and I can’t help thinking this is a great time of year to read it.

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I’m not one for reading horror at the moment, so this is about the closest I get. If you’re looking for a Halloween YA series, go for this one!

Which books do you love to read at this time of year?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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