Birthday Book Haul

Hi readers! It was my birthday a couple of days ago (I turned 20), and I was so lucky to receive some gorgeous presents which included these books. I thought I’d give you guys a little wrap-up of the books I was given.


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Courtney brought me a few really special books that she knows I’ve wanted for so long. I never had a hardback copy of Crooked Kingdom to match my copy of Six of Crows, so she gifted me this one just in time to meet Leigh Bardugo next week!

40230178. sx318

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She also gave me this beautiful American edition of the collectors Throne of Glass. It comes in a slipcase and has pride of place displayed on the top of my bookcase!

28919058. sy475

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My lovely friend Tavi brought me this book and the following from my Amazon wishlist! I’m so excited and appreciative of these beauties. I’ve wanted to pick up Autoboyography since it’s release, and I’ve heard so many good things about it!

37903962. sy475

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I’ve wanted to read this since release, as I adored Wing Jones! I’m so excited to read more from this wonderful author.


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Would you believe this book has been on my TBR since pretty much I started my Goodreads account 4 years ago? I can’t wait to get around to it.

25201920. sy475

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This is another book I’ve heard so much about and sounds like something I’d really enjoy. All of these books are one’s I can’t wait for! Thank you Tavi 🙂


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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