A Postcard From…Madeira!

Whoop – it’s been so long since I added a new section to my blog so I’m really excited! As you may know, I was lucky enough to spend the past week on the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira. It was the first time I’ve visited and I really fell in love with the incredible landscape, lovely people and relaxed atmosphere.

I have a few things planned over the summer and since I’ve now passed my driving test, these rare ‘A Postcard From…’ posts are going to showcase my trips. Different to Bookish Adventures, these will just be to talk about my other travels!


Here’s our beautiful veranda on the bungalow we stayed in – trust me, a lot of reading happened in this hammock over the week!


Early on in the week, we headed to the peninsula of the island for a walk and swim. While on the walk, we came across some thirsty lizards eager for a splash of our bottled water. The rocks are so hot there, we ended up with a swarm of them wanting to cool down. I was lucky enough to get so close that one even climbed on my camera lens!


One of the loveliest things about where we were staying are these gorgeous little kittens.  They kept us company (along with their mum and another cat) for the whole week!


The town we were staying in actually had a folk festival over the first weekend, and we wandered down to join in. One of the things we noticed was how this fire would never be allowed in the UK because of health and safety laws!


Madeira is a volcanic island – so sandy beaches are pretty non-existent out there. However, there are these beautiful lidos and other facilities, which we really made use of!


One of my favourite things from the trip – this lovely little library at the side of the street. I spotted a few of these in the style of classic Santana (the town we were staying in) houses.


We mainly stayed out of the capital (Funchal), but did venture in for the magnificent cable car.


At the top of the cable car line, a short walk took us to this beautiful pool. Of course, we couldn’t resist swimming (and jumping in!).


One of the most incredible things about Madeira are the mountains. Not just the mountains, but the walks and viewpoints that are dotted around them. Some of the views we were lucky enough to see were just simply breathtaking!

Photo credit to my lovely mum!

Later in the week, we drove and climbed to the top of the highest peak on the island. Above the clouds and looking out on panoramic views, this is definitely one of the highlights of my week.


Our last full day took us above the clouds once again – on a drive and walk over another amazing mountain.


Unfortunately the only picture I could get of this was out of the car window – but this is honestly one of the most magnificent views I’ve ever come across.

The cloud literally collects in valleys, and this is what you see from just above. The cloud is almost liquid-looking and fluid-like, pouring out from between the hills.

Overall, it’s safe to say Madeira is the most beautiful place I have ever been. Although I missed a lot back home (tea, my guinea pig and of course my lovely friends), I had an incredible week and it’s definitely one I’d like to repeat in the future!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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