Beautiful Quotes #38

Today’s post is dedicated to those affected by the very recent events in Cleveland, Ohio. This tragedy really shook me up and showed me that so many people are changed, triggered and affected by events such as these. My love goes out to everyone in the city and with loved ones there. Please, stay safe. … More Beautiful Quotes #38

Beautiful Quotes #37

Today’s quote is from a book that even though I didn’t find amazing and I wasn’t overwhelmed by, but I will admit has some funny moments! Today’s quote is one of those best funny moments, and I hope it makes you smile ๐Ÿ™‚ Goodreads | Amazon โ€œI don’t know. I don’t actually remember anything from … More Beautiful Quotes #37

Beautiful Quotes #36

Hi everyone! Today’s book is not just a bit of a throwback for me, it’s also a very important one! Only one person has ever realised this – but my blog is named after the book I’m about to tell you a quote from. Goodreads | Amazon โ€œRemember how it was when we kissed? Armfuls … More Beautiful Quotes #36

Beautiful Quotes #32

Think my blog has gone Caraval crazy? Then you’re completely right! And I still haven’t talked about actually meeting the amazing Stephanie Garber – so that will come tomorrow. After then, I might stop talking about this magical world for a while (umm…yeah right). I couldn’t write a Beautiful Quotes post without including Caraval. This … More Beautiful Quotes #32

Beautiful Quotes #31

Hi everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of reading today as I started the beautiful Caraval on Saturday and I literally haven’t put it down since. In fact, I’m already just one chapter away from finishing this amazing fantasy! But today we’re back to contemporary, for a great book my lovely friend Sophie sent to … More Beautiful Quotes #31

Beautiful Quotes #29

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Beautiful Quote. Today’s post is going to be pretty quick as I decided to do about 3 hours non-stop schoolwork tonight (fun!) and need some downtime before I head off to my nest of blankets and sleep. Before I start, remember that post I did the other day about escaping … More Beautiful Quotes #29