I currently offer two main paid services through the blog. For price lists and more information, please email Please note that all services are paid for through PayPal and therefore you will need a PayPal account before proceeding.

Sponsered Reviews

A sponsered review is when you pay a small fee for me to review your book. This is purely due to my time and effort, and in return you will receive a public review posted to this blog and linked to my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages. For an extra fee, you can receive a mention and photo of your book on my Instagram.

Fees vary slightly by book length, but all reviews will be posted within 21 days of payment and me receiving the book. Please note that although you are paying for a service, you are paying for my honest and unbiased opinion. Therefore, payment (or extra payment) does not mean you will receive a positive review.


I offer a proofreading service by the chapter, but I am happy to proofread full books for a larger fee. This cost will include detailed and honest notes, suggestions and opinions emailed to you. This will include content referencing characters, settings, narrative, spelling and grammar.

Up to 3 chapters will be proofread within 7 days, and up to 15 chapters will be proofread within 30 days. Of course I am happy to consider any amount of chapters with different timescales organised at the time of enquiry.


Send me an email at and I will happily provide more information and a price list.