Book Haul. #37

Hi everyone! I’m back after a busy few weeks! Today’s blog post is about some books I have managed to pick up over the course of the past fortnight that I feel were a little different from the usual kind of stuff that I would go for. The three books that I’m going to talk … More Book Haul. #37

Book Haul #19

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all been reading well and feeling well. This week is a Book haul- something I haven’t done in a while. Now that its summer, I have much more time to read so I recently picked up these three books and I thought that I’d share them with you all in … More Book Haul #19

Book Haul No.1 #4

Hi guys and girls! Is anyone else genuinely feeling just very tired? You know, that kind of soul crushing tiredness you get when you’ve just had two weeks off school for winter break and now there is a LOT of work to do and a LOT of things that need to be done NOW. Yeah … More Book Haul No.1 #4