Let’s Discuss! Books I Didn’t Get To in 2018

With posts about the previous year, I have a rule: you can do it until the end of January. And I still have a couple of year wrap-ups I want to do so here we are! Today I’m going to tell you about a few books I really wanted to get to in 2018, and I hope to finally read this year.


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Sixteen-year-old Starr lives in two worlds: the poor neighbourhood where she was born and raised and her posh high school in the suburbs. The uneasy balance between them is shattered when Starr is the only witness to the fatal shooting of her unarmed best friend, Khalil, by a police officer. Now what Starr says could destroy her community. It could also get her killed.

I’ve owned this book pretty much since the release, and yet I couldn’t get into it when I finally picked it up last year. I honestly hate that I didn’t carry on at the time, but now I have the chance to meet the author in March, I really feel like it’s time to pick this one up!


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Self-proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson (dubbed “Dumplin’” by her former beauty queen mom) has always been at home in her own skin. Her thoughts on having the ultimate bikini body? Put a bikini on your body. With her all-American beauty best friend, Ellen, by her side, things have always worked…until Will takes a job at Harpy’s, the local fast-food joint. There she meets Private School Bo, a hot former jock. Will isn’t surprised to find herself attracted to Bo. But she is surprised when he seems to like her back. Instead of finding new heights of self-assurance in her relationship with Bo, Will starts to doubt herself. So she sets out to take back her confidence by doing the most horrifying thing she can imagine: entering the Miss Clover City beauty pageant—along with several other unlikely candidates—to show the world that she deserves to be up there as much as any twiggy girl does. Along the way, she’ll shock the hell out of Clover City—and maybe herself most of all.

I actually watched the movie before reading the book with this one, and I absolutely loved it! I’m determined to get around to reading the book soon.


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Beatrice Prior is on the brink of a decision that will change her life. In a society divided into factions all are forced to choose where they belong. And the choice Tris makes shocks everyone, including herself. Once decisions are made, the new members are forced to undergo extreme initiation tests with devastating consequences. As their experience transforms them, Tris must determine who her friends are – and if the man who both threatens and protects her is really on her side. Because Tris has a deadly secret. And as growing conflict threatens to unravel their seemingly perfect society, this secret might save those Tris loves… or it might destroy her.

This is another book I’ve committed a bookworm sin for – I’ve now watched all of the movies and I haven’t picked up a single book. My boyfriend bought us the boxed set a year ago though, so I’m determined to read them this year.


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In the small college town of Morganville, vampires and humans lived in (relative) peace—until all the rules got rewritten when the evil vampire Bishop arrived, looking for the lost book of vampire secrets. He’s kept a death grip on the town ever since. Now an underground resistance is brewing, and in order to contain it, Bishop must go to even greater lengths. He vows to obliterate the town and all its inhabitants—the living and the undead. Claire Danvers and her friends are the only ones who stand in his way. But even if they defeat Bishop, will the vampires ever be content to go back to the old rules, after having such a taste of power?

I started this series years ago. I mean years ago. And I desperately need to continue with this series as I only need ONE book to complete my set now!


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In a secret world where half-angel warriors called Shadowhunters are sworn to fight demons, parabatai is a sacred word. A parabatai is your best friend and battle partner. Parabatai can be everything to each other–but they can never fall in love.
Emma Carstairs ia a Shadowhunter, the best in her generation. Together with her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn, she patrols the streets of Loa Angeles, where faeries–the most powerful of supranatural creatures–teeter on the edge of open war with Shadowhunters. When bodies–both faerie and human-turn up, bearing marks that match those found on Emma’s own murdered parents, an uneasy alliance is formed. This is Emma’s chance for revenge–and Julian’s chance to get back to his brother, a prisoner of the faerie Courts. All they have to do is solve the murders within two weeks… and before the murderer target them.

Another book that’s been sat on my shelf since release – but I couldn’t read because I knew I had to read the rest of Cassandra Clare’s books first. Now I only have City of Heavenly Fire left, and I’m so excited to pick up this series after!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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2018 Reading Survey

Hi all! I’ve been wanting to do this survey for a few weeks so I thought I’d give it a go before we get too far into the New Year! I found this survey on Life of a Literary Nerd (go check her awesome blog out!) and it was created by Perpetual Page Turner.

There are quite a lot of questions in this survey so I’m just going to answer the ones that mean the most to me!

2018 Reading Stats

Number of books: 67
Number of re-reads: 1
Genre you read the most from: YA Fantasy


1.Best book you read in 2018?


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This was such a hard question, but after a lot of deliberation I had to choose my favourite Harry Potter book.

2. Most surprising book you read (in a good or bad way)?


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I say this because I found More Happy Than Not so underwhelming so I was surprised when I picked up Silvera’s other books and adored them so much!

3. Best series you started in 2018?


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Other than Harry Potter which naturally takes the top spot – it has to be The Infernal Devices.

4. Favourite new author you discovered in 2018?


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I honestly discovered some brilliant authors, but this book bagged Tahereh Mafi the top spot.

5. Favourite cover of 2018?


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This was a hard one, but how could I not say this beauty?

6. Book you can’t believe took you so long to finally pick up?


Goodreads | Amazon | Review

What else?

7. Which book made you cry in 2018?


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I’m an emotional reader – and a lot of books bought me close to tears. But this one had me sobbing at 1am, tears streaming down my cheeks!

Did I skip over a question you want to know the answer to? Drop me a comment below and I’ll answer!


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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T5W: Most Disappointing Reads of 2018

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey. You get a new topic every Wednesday, and you list your Top 5 books related to that topic. If you’d like to take part, join the Goodreads group, and add your name to the list of bloggers & booktubers!

It’s time for a good moan because today we’re talking about most disappointing reads of 2018! I wrote a few down at the end of the year and it’s going to be so fun to share them with you all.


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Ugh. I did NOT enjoy this book (review here). With the amount of hype the book got when the movie was released, I just really expected something better.


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Whoop, more unpopular opinions time! I loved Illuminae, but I didn’t like Gemina. I wanted to try out the third book because of how much I adored Illuminae, but I was utterly disappointed yet again. Review here.


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This book is How To Ruin a Series 101. I was enjoying it, and then we got to this, and no no no. Review here.


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I never in a million years thought I’d mark a Wizarding World book as a disappointing read. But this one proved me wrong, and I’m still gutted about it.


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I have to say I wasn’t expecting too much with this one. I really loved We Were Liars and How To Be Bad, but E. Lockharts other books have also been disappointments for me. I thought I’d give this one a go, and unfortunately it was the worst E Lockhart book so far! Review here.

Which books made your list of disappointing reads of 2018?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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Let’s Discuss! 2018 Wrap-Up + Favourites

We’re 8 days into the New Year and I haven’t stopped thinking about my 2018 in books. Here are just a few totals to get started!

Firstly, I’m so happy I managed to smash my Goodreads goal by reading 67 instead of 50! Secondly, isn’t it funny how all of my stats included Harry Potter books? 2018 was definitely the year of Harry Potter for me, and I’m hoping 2019 will continue that trend!

And here’s a summary of every single book I read! Can you spot any of your favourites?

Last but not least, we have my top 5 books of 2018! As always, this was really hard to sort through…but here we go.

5. History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera


I had to include a contemporary in here and 2018 was the year I discovered Adam Silvera and the way he blends reality with fantasy. Of course all of Adam Silvera’s and Becky Albertalli’s deserve a shoutout, but I kept coming back to this one. It was beautiful, and definitely made me cry! Review here.

4. A Very Large Expanse of Sea by Tahereh Mafi


I think this one was my biggest and best surprise of the year. I went in with little expectation and came out with a sense I’d just read one of the most important YA books of our time. It was truly wonderful. Review here.

3. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas


2018 was definitely a year of fantasy for me, and I knew it was the right time to delve back into this series. I ended up falling completely in love with A Court of Mist and Fury and it’s following books! Review here.

2. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare


Another big surprise for me was The Infernal Devices and how I fell truly in love with the series. Clockwork Princess made me absolutely sob, broke my heart but also filled it with joy and love for this series. Review here!

2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling


Although I really considered this for a long time and kept swapping my top choice, nothing could really come close to Harry Potter. I loved a lot of books this past year, but this series made me fall in love. It won me over in so many ways, and has managed to become such a big part of my life.

So everyone, those are my top 5 books of 2018 and a wrap-up from me! Which is your favourite book of the past year?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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Review: My True Love Gave to Me – Various Authors


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On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …This beautiful collection features twelve gorgeously romantic stories set during the festive period, by some of the most talented and exciting YA authors writing today. The stories are filled with the magic of first love and the magic of the holidays.

As this book is full of little stories, I’m going to review them all separately! This was such a fun read and it was perfect for the festive season.

Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell – 5 out of 5 stars
Let’s start this on a high! I’ve read this short story before and it’s honestly brilliant, 26 pages flies by with this year-by-year tale. It’s so simple but focuses on the characters which I adored, the ability to build characters in such a short amount of time is incredible. Perfect for New Year, as it’s set on New Year’s Eve hence the title!

The Lady and the Fox by Kelly Link – 2 out of 5 stars
Honestly, this one really didn’t do it for me. The only real positive is that it did have a Christmassy feel, but otherwise it was downright confusing and a little weird. I’m all for a little weird, but I just didn’t know what was going on. At all.

Angels in the Snow by Matt De La Pena – 4 out of 5 stars
This story was so cute! I’m all for Christmas fantasy, but adorable festive contemporary romance is where its at. This story is one of Shy and the girl upstairs over Christmas, and it manages to not only be cute but be raw and honest and kind of beautiful in such a short amount of pages.

Polaris is Where You’ll Find Me by Jenny Han – 4 out of 5 stars
This story was so overwhelmingly Christmassy! You can’t get much better than a story set in the North Pole for Christmas, surrounded by elves. I liked the protagonist, Natalie, who was the only human to ever live in the North Pole. It made such a unique story which was so fun to read!

It’s a Yuletide Miracle… by Stephanie Perkins – 5 out of 5 stars
Perkins does it again! I remember this from Summer Days and Summer Nights – if anyone can write an amazing short, it’s Perkins. This story was unique, with likeable characters and a beautiful backdrop. I would read a whole book about these two happily.

Your Temporary Santa by David Levithan – 4 out of 5 stars
I always find levithan a little hit and miss, but I really enjoyed this story! It’s about a guy called Connor who asks his boyfriend to dress up as santa to keep Christmas magic alive for his little sister. It was a really cute contemporary with a cast of different characters who I enjoyed reading about, however I do feel like too many conversations with different characters were fitted into a very short story!

Krampuslauf by Holly Black – 3 out of 5 stars
I’m really not sure how to feel about this one. Build up a quirky contemporary with a group of friends and a New Year’s party on a trailer park, throw some drama in and then sprinkle it with magic. I think the magic was my main issue, because it just felt forced and like a last minute edition. It threw the story off kilter and threw me off too. Very weird.

What the Hell Have You Done, Sophie Roth? by Gayle Forman – 4 out of 5 stars
Contemporary romance definitely suits festive short stories better than contemporary and a weird mix of fantasy. I’m still holding out for a full on fantasy though? Anyway, Forman really brought out holiday cheer with carol singers and pie and a little twist with Hannukah which I loved! It’s the story of (surprise) Sophie Roth, a college student who isnt yet home for Christmas. Its about new discoveries and making mistakes, and although it wasn’t perfect, I damn well enjoyed it!

Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus by Myra McEntire – 3.5 out of 5 stars
I can’t say I disliked this story, it was Christmassy enough and enjoyable. But I just found it strange and I felt so disconnected to the characters! It followed a guy who had to do community service for a church at Christmas, which was an interesting concept but it just wasn’t all there for me!

Welcome to Christmas, CA by Kiersten white – 5 out of 5 stars
Yes! I didn’t think I would find another story to match Stephanie Perkins, but this one sure did. It follows the story of a girl who lives in Christmas, CA and their Christmas traditions. It was heartwarming, heartbreaking and heartfelt. All in 40 pages.

Star of Bethlehem by Ally Carter – 4 out of 5 stars
Another story, another Christmassy town ! I really enjoyed this one too, although it lacked the depth that made me love Welcome to Christmas, CA so much. Still a unique and heartwarming tale of a girl trying to escape her life and ends up finding a family of her own.

The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer by Laini Taylor – 2 out of 5 stars
This was so weird?? I don’t even know what was going on? I stand by the fact that fantasy doesn’t work as well as contemporary in these kinds of situations usually – world building just isn’t possible in 30 pages. I didn’t properly understand the world or the story, therefore I didn’t enjoy it. The pages were used to explain the town rather than the characters, and I related only to the protagonist. It didn’t feel Christmassy either! It did have a satisfying ending, however.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it was perfect to start the New Year with. Although the stories are very mixed, it’s great to give new authors a chance with books like this one. Sure, I didn’t enjoy a few but that’s bound to happen. And I loved a number of stories enough to rate this book highly! I’ll definitely be giving some of these a re-read next Christmas.

4 out of 5 stars


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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T5W: 2019 Reading Resolutions

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey. You get a new topic every Wednesday, and you list your Top 5 books related to that topic. If you’d like to take part, join the Goodreads group, and add your name to the list of bloggers & booktubers!

Image result for happy new year gif

Happy New Year everyone! I’m honestly not one to set New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t think it’s personally healthy to me if I don’t achieve them. However, I do loosely follow bookish one’s and I always attempt a reading challenge! So here are some of my 2019 reading (and blogging) resolutions.

Read 50 Books
I’ve just set my Goodreads goal of the year and it is 50 books again! I managed to read around 15 more than that in 2018, but I like to keep things realistic.

Read a Classic. Any Classic.
I’m sorry to say that the only classic I’ve ever read is Jane Eyre. And I loved it, but whenever I go to read a classic now, I think back to the standalone YA books I have on my TBR and find them too daunting. So instead of making a big goal to read a number of classics, in 2019 I’d just like to start.

Read More Series
I was actually very proud of myself in 2018 for the amount of series I managed to read and get off my physical TBR! I’ve always been more of a standalones kind of reader, but I’m definitely getting more into series. In 2019 I’d at least like to tackle The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices, Divergent and Throne of Glass.

Lessen My Physical TBR
Honestly, this is probably my most important rule on this list. I’m not certain, but I think I’m starting this year with around the same unread books as last year, and I’m not going to let that happen again. I’m going to be stronger, and try and control my book-buying urges! So far, being in a joint book-buying-ban with my best friend is definitely helping that 🙂

Blog Most Days
I couldn’t do this list without including at least one blog related resolution. I’d like to continue blogging most days in 2019 whenever I can.

What are you attempting in 2019?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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Beautiful Quotes #109 / Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell

Beautiful Quotes is a weekly meme hosted by me, where I post some of my favourite quotes. Any other bloggers are welcome to join me in this and just link my blog!

Hi readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is still enjoying the festive season 🙂 For me, it’s incredibly calm at the moment, that lovely period between Christmas and New Year when you don’t even know the day of the week. Neither me or my boyfriend go back to uni/work until next week, and I am absolutely treasuring this time.

The past week have been full of visiting family, relaxing, watching films, reading, playing games and squeezing in some uni work for me! I finished Clockwork Princess last night and my review of the wondrous book is going up tomorrow. I’m taking a break to read My True Love Gave to Me before I pick up The Mortal Instruments!

Today’s book actually includes a short story from My True Love Gave to Me by Rainbow Rowell, alongside some beautiful illustrations and another of her short stories, Kindred Spirits. Although I have my own problems with this book, I do adore the collectable factor and how gorgeous it is in real life!


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“I need you to be my person. I need to see you. And hear you. I need you to stay alive. And I need you to stop kissing other people just because they’re standing next to you when the ball drops.” 


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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