Hi! I’m new here

Hello, I’m new here.

You might be wondering where Beth has gone and why this random guy called Pete has started posting on her blog. Well…

It’s because she was kind enough to let me, paperbackpete, be a guest blogger here on The Books Are Everywhere once a week!

Thank you so much Beth, this is really exciting for me and I hope I can bring something new to this already wonderful, fabulous and quite frankly dazzling blog.

I am, despite apparently looking like I’m 22, 16 years old. Pete Miller is my name and I honestly wish it was something cooler. I read two books a week, Lana Del Rey is my adoptive mother and I really wish I could get a dog. Even though I’m probably pants at it I really like to draw and I actually don’t mind being alone- I quite like it sometimes. Please never ask me about my future because it really is a source of great freakout for me but any other comments are welcome, of course. Because we’re all massive book nerds I know the question that will be brewing in many of your minds at the moment- The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my favourite book and no sadly I have not read Harry Potter. I am a feminist, I love Chinese food and I always say thank you.

Maybe you’ll now be able to form some sort of idea of the kind of person I am. If not, book obsessed, anime watching artist is somewhere along the right lines.

I will, like today, be posting on the blog every Sunday. It could be anything from a Book Review to some fan art that I don’t feel is too terrible to show the general public.

Let me know what you think of my first ever blog post and be brutal! I think (hope) I can handle it.

Here is some fan art I did of Mira, one of the main characters in the book Fans of The Impossible Life which you should definitely read (it’s beautiful).



I haven’t thought of a funny or cute goodbye yet so I’ll leave you with a simple:

See you later!

And thanks again Beth!


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