Audiobooks. #45

Hey everyone

Finding time to read can be one of the most frustrating tasks, even more so if you are a bibliophile. If you are a book lover you might feel a pressure to read mountains but with everything going on in your life you just might not have the time.

After a few months of using Audiobooks as a way of reading I think its fair to say I have mastered them. In this post I will share my secrets.

Certainly services like Audible are really great ways to access Audiobooks and read while you are commuting, drawing or working out. But not everyone can afford to pay a subscription fee each month and so I thought I would explain to you how I listen to audiobooks on the cheap.

Youtube. Youtube has millions of free audiobooks that are in the public domain and are waiting for you to listen to them.  These aren’t just weird unknown books as well, many of the Audiobooks I have listened to from Youtube have been classics that I have wanted to read for ages but didn’t have the time to sit and spend hours with.

This point is a significant reason why Audiobooks are so great; they allow you to access books that you otherwise, as an active reader, would not have been able to enjoy because you keep dozing off every five minutes when you are trying to read them. As a listener, you are observing the story through a narrator as opposed to actively engaging with the book. Although this might put some people off, I think that it can be a really positive way of reading stuff you might never have felt brave enough to pick up before.

So after you have chosen the book you want to read from Youtube you might be at the stage where every time you close the app on your phone to flick through snapchat your audiobook cuts out. Well luckily we have Dolphin X! This is a mobile browser that allows you to listen to videos that are playing within the app. It is the perfect way to listen to audiobooks from Youtube whilst having free access to the other apps on your phone while you are on the go (No this is not sponsored haha).

As well as Youtube, I love the app which has loads of free classics and more modern stuff if you want to pay.

I hope this post has got you excited about listening to Audiobooks! It is how I manage to read as much as I do and as widely as I do.

Keep on reading!

And thanks again Beth.

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