Let’s Discuss! Reading Resolutions for 2020

Hi all! I try not to give myself too many targets to avoid disappointment or aiming for anything I realistically can’t achieve, but I also love completing things I aspire to do! So, today I’m going through some reading and blogging resolutions for the year.

  • Read 50 books

I’ve been aiming to read 50 books per year for the past few years, and I only change my Goodreads goal towards the end of the year if I feel I can achieve over that. I managed to up my goal and hit 65 last year, but I’m going to go for 50 again as to not stress myself too much and see how it goes.

  • Read more than I buy

This is a big goal for me right now – I ended last year with more unread books than I had at the start, but I’d like 2020 to be different.

  • Read some of my series

In this post, I discussed some series I’d like to read in 2020. I have a lot sitting on my shelves and it’d be great to get them done!

  • Read a classic

As with last year, I’d like to read just one classic, or more if I can. I imagine with how much I adored the movie, this will end up starting with Little Women, which I’m now desperate to read.

  • Keep up to date on reading ARCs

With me now working as a bookseller, I tend to be lucky enough to pick up ARCs often. But I’m trying, with the help of buddy reads with the lovely Faye and Alex, to keep on top of them!

  • Keep up a blogging schedule

Something I’ve been finding super handy is having this amazing Google sheets document! Faye at A Daydreamers Thoughts shared it with me at the start of the year, and it’s already helping me immensely with keeping on top of my blog.

Thank you for reading! What are your resolutions for the year?


May your shelves forever overflow with books! ☽

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